Louis Rene Beres

Articles by Louis René Beres in New English Review:

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Lessons for the Next US President (October 2016)

Israel and Brussels: The "Merely Wounded" in Terror Bombings (April 2016)

Nuclear War or Nuclear Peace? Israel's Post-Iran Pact Options (March 2016)

Falling Towers (January 2016)

Thinking the Worst: An Inglorious Survival Posture for Israel (December 2015)

Why Oslo Failed: Confronting “Peace Now” (November 2015)

Israel’s Survival Amid Expanding Chaos (October 2015)

Defending Israel against Iranian Nuclear Aggression: War, Genocide, and International Law (August 2015)

Israeli Deterrence in the Eye of the Hurricane (June 2015)

Devastating Chronologies: Israel, Time, and Power (June 2015)

Every Four Years, An Exercise in Futility (June 2015)

Blood Sacrifice: Understanding Palestinian Terror Violence Against Israel (June 2015)

Remembering Vietnam, But Why Do We Still Stumble Into Futile Wars? (May 2015)

After Failing to Preempt: Israel, Iran and Nuclear War (May 2015)

Nuclear Deterrence is a Deadly Game (March 2015)

 Israel's Nuclear Strategy: The Importance of Doctrine (February 2015)

On the Need for an Avant-Garde in Strategic Studies (January 2015)

Why "Palestine" Would Be a Dangerous Legal Fiction (January 2015)

Understanding Islamic Terrorism as Religious Sacrifice (December 2014)

After The Jerusalem Massacre: Islamic "Martyrs" and Islamic "Peace" (December 2014)

Why, Yet Again, the "Senseless" Violence? (November 2014)

America’s Elections: Why Should We Even Care? (November 2014)