John M. Joyce

Articles by John M. Joyce in New English Review:

They Also Serve (March 2016)

The Lancaster Plan (December 2015)

The Origins Of The Easter Feast, The Easter Egg and The Easter Bunny (May 2014)

“I Call the Living - I Mourn the Dead - I Break the Lightning” (January 2013)

“If Quires Of Angels Did Rejoice...” (September 2012)

Holy Water! Or, There Is An Eastertide In The Affairs Of Men (April 2012)

An Advent Tale, Or, Christmas Miracles Do Happen (December 2011)

Three Priests And A Strange Pole (October 2011)

It’s Always Later Than You Think (April 2011)

Of Mammon, Methane and Mosque (June 2010)

The Stone Of Secrets (December 2009)

The Resurrection Men – A Tale For Easter (April 2009)

The Light of Araby (April 2009)

It's A Dog's Life (March 2009)

That Damned Planet
(Feb. 2009)

A Little Tale Of Christmas (Dec. 2008)

A Secret Weapon, Or, Oh For One Night With Those Knights (Dec. 2008)

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Twenty-first Century (Oct. 2008)


La Forza del Destino, or, Arnie, the Camel of Death (Aug. 2008)


Democracy: The Philosophic Principles and Mechanisms

                     Part One
Part Two
                     Part Three
                     Part Four