September 2008


The Triumph of Evil by Theodore Dalrymple

Societies Suffused With Islam Seek Their Own Level

               by Hugh Fizgerald

The Allegory Of The Farm
by Rebecca Bynum

The Regent’s Canal
by Ibn Warraq
The AIG Rescue: Does It Portend Re-Regulation Of Financial Markets

by Jerry Gordon & John Haldi

Tempest In A Trash Can
by Nidra Poller

A Wide Ranging Interview with US Rep. Mark S. Kirk of Illinois
by Jerry Gordon

Sharia in Britain: a Failure of Judgement
               by Mary Jackson

Franco, Fascism and the Falange
          by Norman Berdichevsky

How To Dismember A Country
by Ares Demertzis

 9/11 – Islamic Terror Hits America

               by Jerry Gordon & Catherine Martin

Labyrinths Are (A)Mazing
by Esmerelda Weatherwax