Richard L. Rubenstein

Articles by Richard L. Rubenstein in New English Review:

An Afterword for The Cunning of History (July 2015)

An Interview with Professor Richard L. Rubenstein in The World & I, 1991 (February 2015)

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Some Reflections on the Passing of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon (October 2012)

Islam and Christianity: The Roots of Europe’s Religious Identity (December 2011)

A More Perfect Union and the Clash of Civilizations (November 2011)

The Place of Religion in 9/11 Commemorations (September 2011)

Berlin, August 13, 1961 (August 2011)

Was Dietrich Bonhoeffer a Righteous Gentile? (April 2011)

The First Christian Holy Wars (March 2011)

What Does Obama Really Want? An Hypothesis. (July 2010)

Jihad versus Jahiliyya: The Seminal Islamist Doctrine of Sayyid Qutb (February 2010)

Why I Have Written Jihad and Genocide (February 2010)

The Religion of Sacrifice and Abraham, Isaac and Jesus (October 2009)

My Grandmother's Paper Bag (August 2009)

Muslims, Jews, and the Western World: A Jewish View (May 2009)

The Fruits of Rage, Part I (March 2009)

   The Fruits of Rage, Part II (April 2009)

Jihad and the Roots of Europe’s Religious Identity (Jan. 2009)