May 2007

NER May 2007

Stop the Jizyah by Hugh Fitzgerald


There is No God but Politics     

    by Theodore Dalrymple


Private Lives by John Derbyshire


Where Do We Go From Here?
by Rebecca Bynum
Paul Wolfowitz: After Such Ignorance, What Forgiveness? 
     by Hugh Fitzgerald
The Poet of Doubt by Ibn Warraq
Karen Armstrong: The Coherence Of Her Incoherence 
     by Hugh Fitzgerald
The Renaissance of Hebrew and Maltese 
     by Norman Berdichevsky
A Calculus of Covenants; or, Fifth Generation Warfare 
     by Adam Katz
The Anatomy of a Bleeding Heart by Graham Cunningham
Don’t Mention the Muslims by Mary Jackson
Unleash the Inner Nerd by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Odysseus by Ares Demertzis
Boardwalk, Venice Beach by Robert Bové