January 2011

Evil Be Thou My Evil
by Theodore Dalrymple

What Rep. Peter King Could Do About Radicalization of American Muslims

by Jerry Gordon


The Lord Shall Have Them In Derision

by Mark Anthony Signorelli



The Religious Left, J.B. Matthews and the Censure of Senator McCarthy

by Norman Berdichevsky

A Zionist at UC Irvine: an Interview with Activist Dee Sterling

by Jerry Gordon


The Maestro
by Geoffrey Clarfield


Suppression of Emotion: A Danger to Modern Societies? 

by Thomas J. Scheff


Theoretical Foundations of Terrorism
by Samir Yousif


On Settlements, Agreements and Legitimacy: a midnight monograph

by Michael Zebulon


Character in American Cinema
by G. Murphy Donovan


Protecting the Public from Gangs: Sheffield in the 1920s

by David Hamilton

One of Those Things by Mary Jackson


Crowns, Roses and Britannia

by Esmerelda Weatherwax


Short Story:


They Came For The Guineas: An Allegory For These Times

by David Asia




Psalm by Éva Láng


translated from the Hungarian by Thomas Ország-Land