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An Interview with Pastor Saeed Abedini, Former Hostage of Iran (September 2016)

Bill, Hillary, Mr. Chagoury and Hezbollah (August 2016)

The NeverTrump Movement Joins the Clinton Campaign (August 2016)

Josh Rogin, The Washington Post and the Clinton Campaign: One Network (August 2016)

More of the Same: Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech (June 2016)

Donald Trump Says "No Thanks" to Most of the Republican Foreign Policy Establishment (May 2016)

Why I Am A Proud Trump Republican (May 2016)

Insurrection in the G.O.P., Or, The Wisdom of the Trump Voter (April 2016)

Why Donald Trump May Well Become Our Next President (October 2015)

The Return of the Silent Majority (August 2015)

Showing the World What It Means to Follow Jesus (July 2015)

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand (June 2015)

A Better Spring (May 2015)

The Failure of Pope Francis (February 2015)

Christmas in the Koran, Or, What is Left of Islam? (December 2014)

Religion, Militarism and Industry (September 2014)

The Real Nature of the Soul (August 2014)

The Founders at Home (July 2014)

God Descending (May 2014)

The Spiritual Ascent (April 2014)

Can We Withstand the Divine Gaze? (March 2014)

Faith, Reason and a Call to Spiritual Arms (February 2014)

Religion and the Law (January 2014)

Lord Black: Enemy of the People (December 2013)

The Religion of Experience (November 2013)

Christianity’s Challenge (October 2013)

Fearing the Man from Nazareth (August 2013)

Infinity, Eternity and the Absolute (April 2013)

The Primacy of Human Will (March 2013)

On Forgiveness (February 2013)

The Reality of Faith (January 2013)

Dogs and the Joy of Living (December 2012)

The Unfolding Self (November 2012)

Islamifornia Dreamin’: Maha ElGenaidi Comes to Nashville (September 2012)

Spirit Dwells in the Mind of Man (August 2012)

Losing Our Sons (July 2012)

Religion and Inspiration (June 2012)

The Measure of Human Worth (May 2012)

Is America a Serious Country? (April 2012)

Jacques Barzun, Wisdom and Grace (February 2012)

Why the West is Best (December 2011)

Why Islam is Not a Religion (Nov. 2011)

The Demise of the Good Father (October 2011)

Remembering 9-11 in Tennessee (Sept. 12, 2011)

That Ghost in the Machine (August 2011)

Repentance Revisited (July 2011)

The Embarrassment of Morality (May 2011)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Rediscovered (April 2011)

When is a Hate Crime Not a Hate Crime? (March 2011)

Should Islam Be Classified as a Religion? (February 2011)

Business & Education (December 2010)

Peculiar Bias: How The Tennessean Became a Fellow Traveler with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood (November 2010)

Tariq Ramadan: Propagandist in Scholar's Robes (October 2010)

Southern Comfort (May 2010)
Vichy Rising (April 2010)

Arts & Sciences (January 2010)

Fashionable Fascism (November 2009)

Opposing Islamization (October 2009)
Are We Doomed?(September 2009)
Wrestling With Paul (August 2009)

Islam as Religion (June 2009)
A Foundation Of Love (Feb. 2009)

The Prophets
(Jan. 2009)
God Of History (Dec. 2008)




Voodoo Economics (March 2008)

A Case of Blasphemy (April 2007)

The Proper Response (Dec. 2006)