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What Do French Textbooks Teach About Islam? (November 2016)

Should Germans be Forced to Study Arabic? (September 2016)

The Berbers and Islam as a Vehicle for Arab Supremacism (August 2016)

“That’s Who We Are” (July 2016)

The Ethnic Turks of Germany, Or “We Didn’t Expect That” (July 2016)

CAIR: “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me” (June 2016)

Convenience Conversions and an Inconvenient Truth (June 2016)

Homo Kaplanensis: “Europe Was Defined By Islam. And Islam Is Redefining It Now.” (May 2016)

Christopher Dickey and “Anti-Muslim Hysteria” (April 2016)

Apologists for Islam and History (April 2016)

What Max Boot Cannot Comprehend (October 2012)

What To Do In The Southern Sudan (December 2010)

General Odierno and What We Learned in Iraq (October 2010)

David Cameron, Flogging His Wares (August 2010)

ISLAM: What Is To Be Done? (July 2010)

The Case of Martin Indyk (May 2010)

In Iraq, Is What's To Come Still Unsure? (April 2010)

Some Recent Issues Of The TLS (March 2010)

In The Dark -- And Whistling (February 2010)

Save Iran - Bomb Iran (January 2010)

Twenty-Five (Out Of One Hundred) Things We All Should  Know About Islam (December 2009)

Turkey, Secularism and the Need for Eternal Vigilance (October 2009)

Robert Gates, Pakistan & The Pressler Amendment (Sept. 2009)

Islam in Africa (August 2009)

As? Habl? Obama (July 2009)

Strategies of Denial (July 2009)

Also Sprach Obama (May 2009)

If General Petraeus Had Read "War And Peace" (April 2009)

Fast Jihadists and Slow Jihadists
(Jan. 2009)

Book Talk (Dec. 2008)

The Guests At The Garden Party (Nov. 2008)

Israel's Anguish
(Oct. 2008)

Societies Suffused With Islam Seek Their Own Level (Sept. 2008)

By Their Words Ye Shall Know Them (Aug. 2008)

What Will Become Of Iraq's Christians? (July 2008)

The Golem Heights Of Olmert's Presumption (June 2008)

Decisions. Decisions. (May 2008)

Peace As A Strategic Option (April 2008)

What Is To Be Done? (March 2008)

The Arabs, The Berbers & Africa (Feb. 2008)

That Unpleasant Affair On Camus Street (Jan. 2008)

Redefining Victory (Nov. 2007)

"lslamophobia" (Oct. 2007)

Jihad, Not Hirabah (Sept. 2007)

Due Diligence (Aug. 2007)

Stop the Jizyah (May 2007)

A Prefatory Note (Dec. 2006)

Baghdad: the sequel (Nov. 2006)

Grand Duke (Oct. 2006)

Douce France (Sept 2006 reprinted from an earlier JW Posting)
Going Dutch (July 2006)

Islamintern Propaganda: The Players (June 2006)

The Problem of Iran">The Problem of Iran (May 2006)

Likely Iraq Scenario: What Could Be Better?">Likely Iraq Scenario: What Could Be Better? (April 2006)


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