Poems by Robert Bové at New English Review:

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To a priest from Kaduna (Sept. 2007)

Two Morning Dreams (Aug. 2007)

Honey, four poems (July 2007)


Boardwalk, Venice Beach (May 2007)


If a young girl cuts you off on the highway (April 2007)

The very air (March 2007)

 The very air (part 2) (Feb. 2007)


What I Forgot Not to Pack (Jan. 2007)

 The very air (part 1) (Dec. 2006)

Late Afternoon (Nov. 2006)

Great Inventors (Oct. 2006)

9-11 Poems at Five (Sept. 2006)

What Catches Up With You Also Passes (Aug. 2006)

The Attitudes (July 2006)

Occupations (June 2006)

Deep in the Hard Part 2 (May 2006)

Deep in the Hard Part (April 2006)

Them Bones (March 2006)