Ibn Warraq

Ibn Warraq's articles in New English Review:

Demographics: Why Islamic Societies are Dying (April 2016)

Muslims and Atheism (March 2016)

Conversions from Islam to Christianity (February 2016)

Apostasy, Human Rights, Religion and Belief (January 2016)

Population and the True Number of Converts to Islam (December 2015)

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part IV (July 2015)

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part III (June 2015)

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part II (May 2015)

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part I (April 2015)

John Stuart Mill and Racism (January 2014)

The Mythistory of the Crusades (October 2013)

In Defense of Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Afshin Ellian (February 2011)

Charlotte Elizabeth, and the Restoration of the Jews (February 2010)

British Zionism
(January 2010)

Mozart & Orientalism (November 2009)

Lockwood de Forest's Successors (October 2009)

Lockwood de Forest's Indian Inspired Design (September 2009)

Lockwood de Forest, Ahmadabad, and American Orientalism (Aug. 2009)

Sir Walter Scott's Treatment of Jews in Ivanhoe (July 2009)

Sir Walter Scott, Jews and Saracens, and Other Sundry Subjects (May 2009)

Apologists of Totalitarianism: From Communism to Islam, Part I (Jan. 2009)

   Part III: Michel Foucault (Feb. 2009)

Islam & Music, Heavy Metal Islam (Nov. 2008)

The Regent’s Canal (Sept. 2008)

Rock, Humanitarian Causes, Political Commitment and Islam (Aug. 2008)

Democracy Versus Theocracy (July 2008)

A Conference On The Early History Of Islam And The Koran  (May 2008)

Which Koran? (Feb. 2008) 

Reason Not Revelation (Jan. 2008)


Islamic Enlightenment (Aug. 2007)

Jane Austin and Slavery (July 2007)

The Nature of the Literary Evidence (June 2007)

The Poet Of Doubt (May 2007)

Islamic Antisemitism (April 2007)

Islam, Middle East and Fascism (timeless)