The Rape of Europa

by A. Aspasia (September 2017)

Rape of Europa, William Hilton, 1818


She who is not woman
A woman has slain
Our beloved continent
Europe, Aggressed in every orifice.
They who are not of us,
But imposed upon us
In battle cry of Sharia
Seek to destroy all that gives life
For their own mirage of pleasure
Subsequent to murder
Subsequent to Genocide.
Divine Right Pretenders ready
To replace democracy again.
The greatest gift of history
The highest that civilisation has ever reached
Is bet on a game of chance
Among men of fading wit
between Alzheimer's and Genocide.
Our sold to trick and trade politicians
Defend no principle or value
The fish has rotted from the Head
Its dead glazed eyes of betrayal
The wages of appeasement.
Persecution of an ethnic minority,
Tyranny hidden in plain sight
Within a religious minority,
Are but two moments
Of the same authoritarianism.
They have learned from history
How to disarm opposition,
Eugenicist Germany rises again.
We the People are abandoned, unrecognised and unprotected.
Yet there are 'Bitter weeds in England'
of which Winston Churchill spoke.
This tyrannical horizon, must of necessity,
Be opposed and ended.

As an academic consultant, A.  Aspasia advised government in the fields of Race Relations, Indigenous Affairs, housing, education health and employment. Aspasia has a lifetime of experience teaching and researching in Higher Education in the disciplines of Health & Social Care, Criminology and Sociology. Life for Aspasia has always been written on the arc of poetry.
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