27% of British Muslims ‘have sympathy’ for Hebdo killers’ motives


From Politics Home, the Telegraph and The Times

A poll reveals how a significant minority of Muslims endorse terrorist atrocities against those who mock the Prophet Mohammed. Some 27 per cent of British Muslims said they have “some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks” on the Paris magazine, according to polling by ComRes for the BBC.

A further 32 per cent said they were not surprised by the attacks. Some 11 per cent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed “deserve to be attacked.” 

While 85 per cent said they felt no sympathy for those who wanted to fight against Western interests, 11 per cent disagreed. Eight per cent said they knew people who strongly supported the politics of al Qaeda or Islamic State.

And 45 per cent felt that clerics preaching that violence against the West could be justified were in touch with mainstream Muslim opinion – almost as many as the 49 per cent who felt that hate clerics were out of touch. 

Baroness Warsi, who was the minister for faith until last summer, described the findings of the ComRes survey for the BBC as “worrying”. However, she also argued that the views of other communities on the use of violence were likely to be similar to the 27% of British Muslims who expressed sympathy for the murders.

“When you used to ask questions about violent extremism and using violence to justify a political end, you got actually very similar responses in other faith and non-faith communities,” the Tory peer told the Today programme.

It is a BBC poll; as one would expect their headline puts the most positive slant on the statistics. 

Most British Muslims ‘oppose Muhammad cartoons reprisals’ 

One thousand Muslims were polled as part of our survey – a number statistically representative of the population of close to three million Muslims in Britain.

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  1. I wonder if it is possible to factor in the percentage of UK mohammedans who do indeed endorse actions similar to the Paris Infitada, but who lie about doing so?

  2. Sheik -not entirely worthless. Sure, you know, and I know, that even when answering soft-ball questions in an anonymous opinion poll, Muslims living within a non-Muslim land may choose to be less than upfront. But even so, that 27 percent figure sympathising with the murderers of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists – just under a third – should give pause, when cited to some naive non-Muslim Defender of Islam who wants to claim that only the teeniest, tiniest minority of Muslims could possibly be hostile toward Western principles such as freedom of speech. And that other figure – 11 percent prepared to openly state that they believe magazines publishing a picture of mohammed “deserve to be attacked”. Tell people – do the mathematics – what’s 11 percent of three million? *An awful lot of people* – at least 300 000. And it took only *two* murder-minded Muslim sharia assassins to murder *seventeen*, in Paris.

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