Why Orlando Mass Murder Was Predictable

by Peter McLoughlin (June 2016)

Source: Joshua Lim/Orlando Sentinel

For decades, the Left (including the Leftist media) have been working to protect Islamo-Nazism from criticism. This has meant that the percentage of Muslims in Western countries has doubled and doubled again. And because the Left and the media protect the Islamo-Nazis from criticism, necessary precautions are not taken and the Islamo-Nazis grow increasingly bold. The Muslim who gunned-down gays in an Orlando night-club had been a terrorist suspect of the FBI's for several years.

Do you really think that the 2016 Orlando massacre came out of nowhere? If you do, then I'm guessing you did not know that in Seattle at the end of 2013 another Muslim attempted to burn down a packed gay club. The Muslim arrested for this arson attack had been previously designated by Obama as a "Cultural Ambassador". He was indeed an ambassador for the culture of Muslims. The Islamic State is throwing gay men off buildings to kill them, whilst the Islamic Republic of Iran has been hanging gay men for decades. It's quite appropriate that Obama should have chosen a Muslim who sought out gays to murder as his Cultural Ambassador, for this gay-hatred is endemic in the Muslim world. There's not one Muslim country in the world which has gay rights, and there's not one Muslim country in the world which will support gay rights at a UN level. There are twice as many Jews in the USA as there are Muslims, yet it was not Jews carrying out these attacks on gay bars. The warning to gays in the West is clear: you can have gay rights or you can have Muslims, but you can't have both. I'm not the only one who is saying this.

Perhaps you think the attack on Seattle was not enough to say that the Orlando massacre was predicable. Well in 2011, Muslims in London plastered the city with stickers declaring the Muslim-dominated areas as a "Gay Free Zone." When this event first occurred, the Leftist BBC waited days before they even reported the story. What could explain their delay? They were looking for an angle to make Muslims look good! The BBC story says that "locals" removed the stickers - what the BBC did not say was that these locals were non-Muslims, and that they were threatened with violence by Muslims for trying to remove the stickers. That's a text-book example of how the Media work to protect Muslims from criticism.

East London 2011

Yet East London had indeed become a Gay Free Zone. In 1991 there were approximately 15 LGBT venues in a radius of about 1 mile: by 2011 that number had dropped to 3 gay bars. In 2 decades, the population of London increased by over 1 million new residents, yet the number of gay bars near Muslims was decimated: no other area of London had seen a decline in the number of gay bars that was anything remotely like this "ethnic cleansing" in East London. Indeed, those 3 remaining gay bars in the Gay Free Zone of East London are all to be found in areas where there is no mosque in the vicinity and where there is a significantly large ghetto of non-Muslims. Everywhere else, where the Muslims move in, the gays move out.

Around 2011 I spoke to a manager of one of those 3 remaining venues, who told me that his venue frequently came under physical attack by Muslims in religious garb, but that the venue was so secure they could not force their way in. Another pub manager from the area told me that a long-standing gay bar had closed down because when the customers left late at night, they were being attacked by gangs of Muslims. But only a right-wing Little Englander would believe this kind of thing, right? Well, here's a video of one of those 3 remaining gay bars, with a Latino customer explaining how "they" come out of the surrounding streets and attack the bar.


In that video, the Latino man actually describes what the Muslim gangs have been doing as "terrorising," and he points out that nothing has been done about it and things can't go on like this. The solution to this terrorism was that almost all the gay people left East London, and Muslim-dominated East London was a Gay Free Zone in 2011. When the Muslims marked it out in this way, they were simply stating a demographic fact. There may well be gays living in the Muslim-dominated area, but these gay people ensure that no-one can identify that they are gay.

If you don't believe the reports I've been told or the testimony in the above video, then consider the story of Oliver Hemsley. This young gay student was attacked by a gang of Muslims outside that gay bar. The Muslims eviscerated him so badly that he is now paralysed for life from the waist down:

He set off from his home on Arnold Circus, in the heart of London's fashionable Shoreditch, for the George & Dragon pub a couple of minutes walk away. When he turned on to Boundary Street, a group of about six local teenage boys, aged around 15 and 16, pushed aside the girl he was walking with and attacked him from behind, hitting him on the head with a bottle. Then they started stabbing him. The first knife went in through his back and into his lung. Then they went for his neck, his chest and his heart. Once they had finished, as Hemsley lay motionless and bleeding in the street, one of the attackers returned and jumped on his head. The entire assault, which had taken place just off a busy London thoroughfare in broad daylight, lasted for four-and-a-half minutes. (Source

Here you have an unprovoked and unbelievably savage knifing of a young gay man, just yards away from one of the last remaining gay bars. The attackers broke the bottle of wine he was carrying, and as part of this 5 minutes of evisceration, they stabbed him through the spine, leaving him paralysed for life. How did the British media report this homophobic attack by Muslims outside of one of the few remaining gay bars in East London? Only a few newspapers even bothered to report it, and they said it was "random knife crime." 

As is all too typical of racist or homophobic violence from Muslim gangs that gets as far as being reported to the media, the Muslim community give up to the police a token gang-member who is prosecuted. Normally the Muslim who is prosecuted is one of the younger members and with the shortest criminal record. These facts ensures he gets the lightest sentence and is out sooner to re-join the gang. Once a token member has been convicted, the Police give up their pursuit of the rest of the gang: the Leftist "gay leaders" are happy, as they can now brush the incident under the carpet, and get on with their delusion that Muslims will become tolerant and integrated. This is what happened in the case of Oliver Hemsley: only 1 member of a gang of 6 or more men was prosecuted. But once that fall-guy was sentenced to a "young offender" institution, the gang returned to the bar with baseball bats and attacked the staff and the customers. Remember, the media reported this original evisceration as a "random knife crime."

Why would the Police find it acceptable to close a case once the Muslim community has given up a single, token criminal to be prosecuted? Because the Police are "in cahoots" with the mosques. How do I know this? Because I was in attendance at a meeting of 200 Leftists in East London, when a long-standing Leftwing Muslim activist spoke as part of a panel: he told the assembled Leftists that this was how the police and the mosques work. I looked around the room, and not one person present showed any reaction to what had been said. Clearly the Leftists think that such collusion is appropriate, because it sustains their delusion regarding Islam and cultural harmony. When the Muslim activist told the audience of this collusion, suddenly many stories made sense to me. For example, when East London was declared a Gay Free Zone, there followed a public meeting between the police and the local "gay leaders." The police said that the gang who covered the city in homophobic stickers started the stickering campaign immediately after they came out of the largest mosque in the area, and the CCTV footage showed that the gang consisted of many men. The individual fall-guy who was eventually slapped on the wrists for this hate campaign was convicted of vandalism not a hate crime. This gay-hating Muslim was 18 years old, a recent immigrant, and had no previous convictions. Some months later he was arrested for another crime, and was this time convicted of terrorism. Do you still think that a Muslim terrorist attack on a gay bar was not predictable? It's not only the police who are in cahoots with Muslims, but the media and many of the "gay leaders." Council staff in East London told me there were other campaigns of hatred from Muslims towards gay men which were never even publicised by any media. The local gay organisations are frequently run by avowed communists.

So how is it that Muslims in the West are showing the same violent homophobia as Muslims in the Islamic State? Because there are Sheikhs and Imams in the West who are promoting the Islamic tenet that gay people are to be killed. It's now claimed that a sheikh in a mosque near Orlando was advocating death for homosexuals. For years, a mosque near London had a document on its website advocating death for homosexuals; other mosques in East London conducted training sessions on how to spot a homosexual. In 2005 the Mayor of London invited Sheikh Qaradawi to London. Here was a socialist inviting to his city a Muslim sheikh whilst gay leaders were protesting that the sheikh endorses the killing of gay men. Islamic scriptures offer a variety of forms of punishment, but all agree in executing gay people: gays are to be a) thrown from a high building, b) burned to death or c) stoned to death. The killer in Orlando appears to have chosen an unprescribed manner of killing, so I'm not claiming that he saw himself as carrying out a sharia execution. But one thing is sure: Islamic scripture wants gay people dead (Iran hangs them), and it's no surprise when Muslims act on this tenet of their religion. The Muslim who carried out the Orlando attack was targeting gays, a group of people whom the Islamic world consider to be among the most evil people alive but a group who are treated in a kindly manner in the West vis-a-vis the punishment Allah would prescribe for gays. I've no doubt the Orlando killer would have been just as happy gunning-down Jews as he was in gunning-down gays. Only Jews have wised-up, and often Jewish venues are better protected than are gay bars. But gays have been deceived by the media into believing they are not a high-priority target for Muslims. (It appears that the club in Orlando had an off-duty police officer working as security, and without his presence the death toll may have been much higher).

For decades politicians, the media and the police all exhibited a toleration for Muslims who have been advocating death for gays. And a couple of years after Sheikh Qaradawi's visit to London a young gay man was indeed left paralysed outside a gay bar (given the severity of his injuries, it is amazing he did not die). A few years later and East London was declared "a Gay Free Zone." No wonder Muslims feel they are above the law. Do you still think that the massacre at a gay club in Orlando was not predictable? It's understandable that most gay people would not know of the mosques of of the sheikhs visiting the US and the USA who advocate killing gays. I am sure that 99% of gays in the UK and USA know nothing of the brutal and repeated stabbing of Oliver Hemsley just yards from a gay bar, in an area where most gay bars had been forced to close due to the ethnic cleansing of gays from East London. But the gay leaders know of these things.

Since 2007 there have been 3 surveys of Muslims in Britain, canvassing their attitude towards homosexuality. In all 3 surveys it is clear that hatred towards gay people is endemic among Muslims in Britain. Moreover, it is the younger Muslims who are the most anti-gay! So it is not a case that it is the "uncivilised" or "uneducated" older Muslims who are anti-gay. Those Muslims who have been subjected most to multiculturalism and political correctness are the most virulently anti-gay. These Muslims are proving to be entirely resistant to any campaign to make them Western and multicultural. They exhibit more Nazism than do their parents' generation. They are able to read, they are able to use the internet, and they are able to see that the kindness of the West towards sexual minorities is not something found in Islamic societies. These young Muslims actively reject the indoctrination they receive in school and the wider host culture. How is it that they are resistant to the indoctrination of political correctness, yet the indigenous population are cowed into accepting more and more Muslims? Well, for starters, politicians and civil servants in the West are allowing Islamic schools to teach children that gays are to be executed. In 2010 even the Leftist BBC revealed that in the UK they'd managed to find at least

5,000 Muslim schoolchildren being taught that some Jews are transformed into pigs and apes and that the penalty for gay sex is execution. (Source)

Why would the US government and media be more cognisant than their counterparts in the UK concerning what is being taught in Islamic schools, or in mosques or in the homes of Muslims? But there's no reason to expect that the attitudes of Muslims in the US are any different from those of Muslims in the UK. And what has happened in the UK could have served as a warning to the US. Except that the Left, and the media, and the politicians all helped conceal what was happening.

So, what has happened to London can be taken as a predictor of what will happen to any city which has gay bars and an increasingly Muslim population (the Muslim population of Orlando area grew 10-fold in just 10 years). You can have gay rights or you can have Muslims. You can't have both.

When the 2013 attack in Seattle failed, it didn't stop the 2016 attack in Orlando: most gays in the UK don't know what happened to East London, and most gays in the US would be oblivious to the Seattle attack. Muslims in the West have seen for decades that the Left and the media and the politicians will protect Islam and Muslims from criticism. Like so many other victims, gays are being sacrificed to the burgeoning Muslim population. As early as 2002 we were warned of these risks by gay Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. He paid with his life for warning the West; Prof. Pim was massacred by a Leftist assassin on the eve of the general election in Holland, an election in which it was expected Fortuyn would be swept to power. Why was he assassinated by a Leftist? Because when Fortuyn pointed out that Islam was a threat to liberal democracy, he was demonised by the Dutch media, who turned him into a monstrous caricature, comparing him to prominent Nazis rather than the gentle, gay, ex-Communist academic he was. We should take the lesson from this: it is clear that all sorts of groups (schoolgirls, Jews, gays) are going to be sacrificed so that the West can be Islamized. There have been notable Muslim attacks on gays in Amsterdam and Paris too, but Americans might have some excuse for not knowing about those attacks.

The Left will not be able to contain the contradiction forever: gay rights or Muslims. There is no in-between. You can see this contradiction in the bizarre and highly-strung performance of a British "gay leader"/journalist during a discussion of the Orlando massacre. This seasoned debater storms off the stage during a live TV debate:

What caused this outburst of unprofessional behaviour? It seems it was because that the show's host was determined to talk about the headline projected behind them: "ISIL Targets Gays." 

Telegraph Headline after Orlando massacre, when Owen Jones storms off stage.

The Left and the "gay leaders" know that this showdown is coming. Deep in their hearts they have known that one day Muslims would burn down a gay club or would gun-down the party-goers or would take a gay man and eviscerate him in broad daylight outside a gay bar. Leftist gays with any sense have abandoned the Left. Those gays who remain aligned to the Left will just demonstrate increasingly bizarre behaviour. It might even transpire that Omar Mateen turns out to be gay as well as an Islamic terrorist. That is going to further confuse the Left and the "gay leaders." The Muslim terrorist reportedly phoned the Police before the attack and told them he was doing it in allegiance with Islamic State: so, no matter how he had lived his life, he saw himself as someone who would die as a Jihadi, an Islamic Martyr, whose sins would be forgiven and who would, under Islam's theology of war, live in Paradise for eternity, for in Islam, the only sure way to get into Paradise is to die fighting for Islam. Since Mateen was married it seems unlikely he was gay. However, it was also reported that Salah Abdeslam, the man charged with the Paris massacres, might be gay and that he had frequented gay bars in Brussels. Rather than these 2 Muslims being gay, it seems far more likely that ISIS had decided some time ago that gay bars were an attractive target. Again, the stories about Abdeslam "being gay" should have set off warning bells for security professionals, politicians, "gay leaders" and the owners of gay businesses. But denial and delusion have been the protocol when it comes to dealing with Muslim hatred of gay people.

By 2016 an alliance of Muslims and deluded Leftists elected a Muslim to be the Mayor of London. London's future henceforth is as a city for Muslims and tourists: white British people have fled, and they are now a small minority in the capital city of their own country, a city that is overwhelmingly immigrant. For decades, maybe centuries, London used to be considered a haven for gay people from around the UK, but not any more: a recent survey found that the "rednecks" who live outside London are far more tolerant of gay people than are the citizens of London

Muslims from Iran to Syria to London to Seattle to Orlando share this hatred of gay people, because this is one of the tenets of Islam (there are 10 Islamic States where homosexuality merits execution). And despite all the lies of those who shill for Islam, there is no reforming Islam. Gays and Muslims will be found in close proximity in cities across the West. And this attack in Orlando will not be the last Islamically-motivated attack on gay people. All the above history is known to the "gay leaders" and to many journalists. But they have kept it hidden for nearly two decades, not wanting the public in Western democracies to elect any politician who will take actions to resolve this dilemma: gay rights or Muslims. There is no third option. 


Peter McLoughlin is a writer living in England. His latest book is Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal, New English Review Press, 2016.


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