A press release from Anjem Choudary: The Hijab is a symbol of the superiority of the Muslim woman!

Yes, you read it right. Anjem Choudary is out of prison, his ban on speaking and broadcasting in public is expired and while his Telegram channel is encrypted for his followers only, his blog is open to all to read. Press releases, a link to every edition of the jihadist supporting Al-Aseer (The Prisoner) magazine, questions and answers to encourage the supporters, his brand of Islamic teaching.

There are some who say don’t give him the oxygen of publicity. Others, and I adhere to their view, think that he is so dangerous and bears such responsibility for so many deaths that it should be known that he is still able to influence malleable minds with his jihad and plans for the domination of Islam. Maybe then the authorities will find the will to contain his malice and wickedness. 

This was published over the weekend.

The Hijab is a symbol of the superiority of the Muslim woman!

he refusal to allow Muslim women to wear the hijab in a few colleges of Karnataka state (a stronghold of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the outskirts of Mumbai in India, is little to do with freedom but everything to do with an open  war against Islam and Muslims. The Hijab (or Khimar and Jilbab) is not just an obligation upon every Muslim woman to wear but rather it is a symbol of Islam which has come under attack again and again throughout history from the enemies of Islam and Muslims.

The Hijab symbolises many things about Muslims, not just that women are created by Allah (SWT) as honourable and protected from the desirous and glaring eyes of men who would exploit them given an opportunity, as we see so readily in the World today through prostitution, film, advertisements using their beauty to sell products and pornography etc… It is also an item of strength and superiority of the Muslim woman over non-Muslim women.

Muslims Everywhere including India should realise that this latest attack against the Hijab is part of a wider and more deep seated problem at the heart of which is the absence of Islam as a law and order, an absence of Muslims in authority implementing the Shariah . . . Only when Muslims wrest authority away from the fascist Modi regime will there be justice and tranquility. . . unite the Muslim land of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India once again, under a Muslim ruler ruling by Shari’ah . . .

Hence Hijab marches and raising awareness about the oppression of Hindu rule in India is good but this must go hand in hand with a call for a permanent solution to India’s problems, not from the racist Indian courts or government, but rather for Muslims to take what rightfully belongs to them, authority to implement the Shari’ah once more.

I am an advocate of free speech, but this isn’t valid opinion. His words have led to murder.