A visit to Disneyland Paris this Summer


A European – based friend and family went to Disneyland Paris, formerly Euro Disney theme park,  located in Marne La Valee, France, about 32 kilometers east of Paris for three days while on vacation.  The visit was prior to the children going off to school and university.  This is their report of what they encountered during a three day visit. For them it was culture shock as to the massive presence of Shariah compliant clad Muslims and their public treatment of ‘unruly’ children at the Disney theme park. Notice the comments about young Muslim men working in security.

 Just prior to their visit, the Daily Mirror reported panic broke out among tourists visiting Disneyland Paris in mid-August 2016, when the railway station in Marne La Valee was cordoned off because of a ‘suspicious package”. France has been on tenterhooks after the Paris Massacre of November 2015 and recent attacks in Nice, Rouen and arrests in both Paris at Notre Dame and at a synagogue in Marseilles concerning vehicles with bomb making materials, gas canisters.

What follows are the observations of my friend “anonymous” and  family as to how dramatically things have changed in France and the EU with the influx of  Shariah compliant Muslim émigrés and wealthy tourists from the Gulf Emirates, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Muslim Ummah.

The children and I went to France for a vacation–we also went to Euro Disney for three days. You would have died. When you go through security there was this Imam sitting on a stool right after security–white robes and white cap. He had a full long grey beard and appeared to be over 60 years of age. He sat on a Middle Eastern style stool, had on dark glasses and appeared to be checking out those who entered. I mean what were they they thinking? The French military was out with dogs. Yet here was this Imam sitting behind security. We have never seen so many Muslim women, all dressed in black from head to toe. Why they want to go to Euro Disney is just a mystery.  I mean you would think they would be told that this was a place to avoid. Yet there were men and women in their Sharia compliant garb with all their children.

I saw something horrible. My children and I were having lunch at this British fish and chips establishment at Disneyland Paris when a family of Sharia compliant clad Muslims was seated at the next table.  They brought their own Halal food.  The black clad ‘mother’ literally started beating her 8 or 9 year old daughter as the family sat around and just watched it all. I told my children that I couldn’t sit there while we eat our lunch, when this was going on.  So we moved. It was horrific.

The Disney security staff all look like they come from Africa. They were talking to the Imam.  There were other younger Muslim men hanging out with the Security staff.

The security, if you could call it that, was nothing. Basically they checked bags you walked through a metal detector but they were all so distracted with each other and joking around it wouldn’t have mattered what you had with you. The Imam was there everyday in the heat under the little tents they erected to do the security checks.  I did see them totally check an American woman with two children in a stroller. They went over the stroller with the blond haired kids in it several times with their little detectors. Thankfully she made it through and didn’t pose a security risk to us at all. The women in black didn’t get the same treatment even though they were covered head to toe. 


I am sure that the believers in the Shariah Islamic true faith would not approve of their brethren going to Disneyland Paris.  They could be viewed as heretics. If Islamic State sympathizers don’t hit them for just being there. It was really shocking. I have never seen so many Muslim women wearing burkas and naqibs.  I thought it was illegal in France to wear a full Burka. However, I saw two women attired completely in black from head to toe with only their eyes showing.

My son was the first one to point it out this scene when we entered past security. He said there were really a lot of Muslims present.  Coincidentally, we were there during the episode when the French found a car packed with gas canisters near Notre Dame.  Three ISIS women were arrested; one of whom was the fiancé of the Jihadi who beheaded the priest in a church in Rouen. We didn’t know this at the time of our Disneyland Paris visit.  When we got off the hotel bus which delivered us to the Disney theme park, the second day there were several soldiers guarding the front –this hadn’t been the case the previous day.  I wonder if it had something to do with the Notre Dame Gas canister incident.  Then we heard that another car was found in Marseilles with gas canisters parked near a synagogue.

Disneyland Paris is a possible bomb attack waiting to happen. I had no idea otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone. 




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  1. Shocking. Of course as the author points out it makes no sense for Muslim fundamentalists to be there. But since when do superstitious Muslim fanatics think things through? Those soldiers are not going to be there forever. It is just a matter of time I reckon until Paris Disney is targeted by jihadists.

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