A Week of Outrages

by Gary Fouse

The bus still smolders after Sengalese immigrant attempted to burn schoolchildren alive

The past week has not been good from the standpoint of horrific attacks around the world. We began with an Australian man attacking two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and killing 50 Muslim worshipers in a calm and collected manner, which he recorded on video. I have seen it, and it is horrific. I chose not to post it.

At the same time, Nigerian Christians by the hundreds have been slaughtered in the past couple of weeks by so-called “Fulani herders” (Muslims). It has received unbelievably little coverage.

On Monday of this week, a Turkish man boarded a tram in the old Dutch university town  of Utrecht and shot three people to death, wounding five others. He was captured a few hours later. A note he left behind in a hijacked get-away car stated that he did it in the “name of Allah”.

Then on Wednesday in Milan, a Senegalese school bus driver, with previous arrests for sexual abuse and drunk driving, no less, decided that because Africans were drowning in the Mediterranean trying to make it to Italy, he would tie up 51 school kids and their teachers, douse the bus with gasoline, and set it ablaze, which is exactly what he did. Miraculously, the police arrived just in time to block the bus, break through, and evacuate the kids as the bus erupted in flames. Everybody was saved. This week, the nation of Italy, already reeling from the effects of mass migration into their country of people they cannot support, and the presence of vicious Nigerian gangs, is in shock.

I am an opponent of political Islam and I believe that Islamic immigration is a great danger to the West in many ways. As a human being who doesn’t believe that all Muslims are bad, I am horrified by what happened in New Zealand.

At the same time, however, the events in Nigeria, the Netherlands, and Italy should confirm to everyone that Islam has no place in the West. The Europeans should already know that, but with a few exceptions, their leaders plow blindly ahead, determined to create a multi-cultural paradise by importing those cultures that will never assimilate and threaten to destroy their very societies.

Whether Europe can be saved is an open question. Many believe it is too late. Yet, certain countries in the EU (the new Soviet Union) are resisting Islamic immigration and acceptance of tens of thousands of refugees. They are mostly the Eastern European countries, recently freed from the shackles of communism and unwilling to throw away their newly-found freedoms. Add Italy to that list under the leadership of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who is doing his best to close Italian ports to shipfulls of young, male migrants. He risks assassination, and he even risks being charged by irresponsible prosecutors for closing the ports.

On Wednesday, the Dutch went to the provincial polls and made Thierry Baudet’s Forum for Democracy the largest party in the Senate. Much like the courageous Geert Wilders, Baudet is opposed to open borders and understands the threat that the massive Muslim influx poses to Europe.

If what happened in Milan yesterday doesn’t convince the bureaucrats of Brussels, nothing will. And yet, I am not hopeful when it comes to EU or leaders like Angela Merkel (Germany), Emmanuel Macron (France), Mark Rutte (Netherlands), Stefan Löfven (Sweden) and others. What they have failed to grasp is that the first duty of a democratic government is to protect its citizens. In that, they have utterly failed. They have failed their women, who are being raped on a regular basis. They have failed their Jews, who are emigrating by the thousands. They have failed their police, who are overwhelmed by the crime and riots. They have failed virtually all of their citizens.

If Europe is still democratic, the only hope lies with the voters. With the coming European elections in May, hopefully a change is in the winds.


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