Al-Sisi At Al-Azhar: "We Are Bringing The Islamic World To Perdition"


A telling and important appearance. He can’t renounce Islam, but he can renounce, under the guise of “ideology” separate from the “religion” — he has to do this, what else at this point can he do publicly? — the violence and aggression of Islam. Others, or perhaps Al-Sisi himself, will be able to move that ball further down the field. A hundred implacable Ataturks are needed. And in the West, of course, none of this should be misunderstood, and guard let down. Even with a hundred Ataturks, Islam remains, a permanent threat, and so too do its adherents, for one never knows when the “moderate” who ignores much of Islam will come back to it, in times of mental or other distress, and then there is the problem, too, of the converts — and those converts, who consist of the socially and psychically marginal in any society, are those who take their Islam straight up, undiluted on any rocks of common sense or self-interest. And they are, and will be, a problem wherever there are Muslims spreading the message of the Messenger of God.