Allow A Public Vote To Ban Islam In The U.K.


This petition at needs 100,000 British votes by the last day of March 2015 in order for the subject matter to stand any chance at all of being debated in Parliament. It needs 10,000 British votes immediately in order to get the relevant U.K. Government Department to respond.

I strongly encourage any British person who reads this post to sign this petition. If you’re not British but reading this, then please encourage all your British friends to sign it forthwith. Leave a reply to this post in its comments section, also,  if you are not British but agree with the aim of the petition.

Everybody knows that the likelihood of any such subject matter being debated in Parliament is actually very low indeed, but constant use of the government petitions facility by counter-jihadists such as us is designed to make sure that those in power realise just how many of us there are – if, by some wonderful fluke, we could garner half-a-million signatures then we could really make hay with the U.K. government’s inevitable refusal to listen and debate.

So, the more (genuine) signatures the stronger our position will be. Go to it, please, and spread this far and wide. Remember, however, that only the signatures of British passport holders will count.



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