Amazon deletes Mohammed’s Koran by Tommy Robinson and Peter McLoughlin.

Yesterday, on a search by name and author, UK Amazon showed a ‘not available’ notice, like the book was out of print, or subject to some stock flow hiccup. Today a search request returns nothing. It is as if the book never existed. It is in the memory hole. If you remember it you are deluded, tricked by the agents of Eurasia, or East Asia. 

“‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’”

However all is not lost. Unlike the Satanic Verses (about which more later) no copies have been burned, so far as I know (and I’m sure if they had been a great fuss would have been made). What have gone are the thousands of positive 5* reviews, and the reasoned counter arguments to all the 1*, “I have not read this book but I KNOW it is boll**ks”, reviews from angry Muslims and fellow travellers. 

Amazon have told peter McLoughlin that the book has been deleted from their catalogue because “because it does not provide a positive user experience”. Mein Kampf definitely doesn’t but they stock that as a matter of historical record. 

Those readers who have enquired since Amazon decided to emulate Orwell’s Ministry of Truth yesterday may be interested to know that by following this link from Peter McLaughlin’s website books are still available within the UK. I do not yet know what arrangements will be made for readers outside the UK, or what plans there are for digital download or suchlike. 

Meanwhile Tommy Robinson’s other book, his autobiography Enemy of the State is still available through Amazon, as is the New English Review Press published Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin, here

It is 30 years since the first publication of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and last night the BBC (yes, them)  showed a programme presented by a young Muslim called Mobeen Azhar of the BBC Asian Channel who wanted to know if opinions had changed. Despite being superficially somewhat secular his upbringing was such that he was visibly shocked by some of the book. Reading just one or two lines to young girls in Bradford caused them to shake with rage. One copy was snatched from his hand by an angry man and pages with scorch marks were later found on the ground; from this he deduced that an attempt to burn the book had taken place. Earlier the man who did burn the book in Bradford during the notorious demonstration of 1989 showed that he had to use copious quantities of paraffin to get any blaze going, so the gesture may have been merely that. He was certainly angry, as was the young man who haranged Mobeen for entering a Muslim area. But I am a Muslim and I come from nearby Huddersfield was the reply. 

This TV review from the Telegraph contains description and pertinent comments. If you can’t read the whole thing, go straight to the comments. 

The programme makers thought that by showing scenes of marching, protesting, outraged Muslims the media were sowing the seeds of current ‘islamophobia’ which have culminated in  – shock! horror! TOMMY ROBINSON!!! 

I marvelled that it took so long, 28 years through 9/11, the London Bombings of 7th July 2015, the murder of Lee Rigby, and not until the Rotherham report followed by the jihad murder of 22 girls and their mothers at Manchester Arena in 2017 did the public begin to express concern, in numbers and with confidence, about the true nature and intent of Islam. The Hillsborough disaster was the same year, 1989, and it took nearly as long for the dead to get justice. 

There will be ways round this ban. We will find them.