America Must Now Crush the Taliban and ISIS-K and….

by Phyllis Chesler

I know: Strategy is everything. Without weighing all the consequences, without planning a long range game, we end up in Kabul as it is today, on 8/26/21. And yet: ISIS-K is also fighting with the Taliban. I say: Get ‘em both. This cannot stand. They have just killed the bravest of our soldiers who were engaged in a humanitarian rescue mission.

Do not believe the Taliban promises about being a kinder, gentler organization. They have been terrorizing people all across the country and beating and whipping people as they tried to escape.

It’s Biden’s war now. He has shamed and dishonored our country in a breathtaking way. He brought it on himself, on our NATO allies, and on all the Afghans who came to believe in Western post-Enlightenment values. Biden shut the airports down and left military equipment behind before the very last soldier, the very last Afghan ally, dissident, gay, feminist were safely—very safely out.

Biden (his character, his flaws, his stubbornness), his administration, and whoever is pulling their strings are to blame.

This cannot stand.