And where were the children’s parents?

asks one of our readers to this post of mine about the latest trial of Muslim gang rapists of young English girls. 

I intended to reply as a comment, but I’ll make it a post, as it’s a bit lengthy. 

Where were the parents?

This is the story of one girl, whose parents tried to do their best for her.

Her parents, who quickly found out about him (the first abuser), were horrified and told the police – who weren’t interested.
Before long, he had started alienating Woodhouse from her family – for example, by saying her father only disapproved because he was racist …
Her family, meanwhile, were getting desperate. When she was missing, which was often, her father would go out with her picture, taking it around hotels and B&Bs, trying to find her.

Her family applied to social services to have her taken into care, thinking she would be safer if she was looked after by the authorities. They were mistaken. If anything it was easier for him.

… Someone also set fire to the flat she later lived in, and she says he had people watching her all the time. Her family were terrorised – her parents had to move, and so did her grandmother.

This newspaper report is from last year

“… I wouldn’t advise people to go to the police because they don’t do anything. I’d rather take it into my own hands.” 

In shocking testimony the father of one girl who was raped by the criminal gangs told how packs of young Kashmiri men linked to her abuser still turn up outside his home to intimidate the family.
“Every night for 13 nights out of 14 between midnight and 1am we had people coming and knocking on the door saying it was takeaways. We don’t really eat takeaways, and when we looked through the spy hole they had no food and you could see a car full of Asians.
“We had my granddaughter for the day nine weeks ago and we took the dog for a walk. On the way back I noticed two BMWs full of Asians.
“We were going past and we heard them saying something, but we just ignored it. We got across the road and all of a sudden we started hearing this abuse ‘you white bastards, don’t think your daughter is safe’, things of that nature.

“There was no one else in the street so it was obviously aimed at us. The next moment this big Pakistani guy with a shaven head – he was wearing some sort of robes – put his arm out of the car window and he was waving a tin of lighter fuel shouting ‘we will see, we will see’.”

Lawyer David Greenwood from Switalskis solicitors, who has represented dozens of girls abused by Rotherham’s grooming gangs… “I strongly feel this is happening today in many towns across the country. You’ll be able to find parents who are complaining to the police and not being taken seriously, and who are suffering the frustrations that the parents were suffering in Rotherham 15 years ago.”

And just follow the link and read the whole story not just my short highlights to this report

Rotherham dads were arrested after tracking down abusers

Prof Jay’s inquiry said police often treated victims with ‘contempt’, frequently arresting them while taking no action against those committing offences. Her report said: “In two of the cases, fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused, only to be arrested themselves when police were called to the scene.”

This is just a quick search of the many news stories. Plenty of the girls had decent parents – that so many of them had the courage to come forward and give evidence eventually after being so abused and traumatised  is tribute to their parents continuing love. 

And for the girls who didn’t have decent parents, two wrongs don’t make a right. 


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  1. Perhaps a better answer will come from ‘The Martyr’ who warns, ‘Beware the People weeping, when they bare the iron hand.’

    Do British police take an oath of office, which if violated, opens them to civil or criminal charges?

    Thank YOU for caring.

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