Angela Merkel and Sovereignty

by Gary Fouse

Back in the 1930s and 40s, there was a German chancellor who didn’t think much of the sovereignty of other European nations. His name was Adolf Hitler.

Today, there is another German chancellor who says that Europe’s nations must be prepared to surrender their sovereignty, not to Berlin, not to Moscow, but to Brussels, the Hqs of the EU.

If Merkel had not already made that clear for the past three years as she has led the way in admitting hundreds of thousands of immigrants, illegal migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees into Europe, she made it clear this week speaking in Berlin.

I don’t mean to actually compare Merkel to the genocidal Hitler. Merkel is prepared to give up the sovereignty of her own country as well as the other European nations. She has not brought upon any wars, though many are predicting that her insane policies could lead to something akin to a civil war between Europeans and out of control migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

But there are parallels. In 1939, the world witnessed images of German troops dismantling the border crossings between Germany and Poland. Today, we witness migrants storming the borders of European nations as border guards stand by helplessly.

In 1945, we saw images of ruined German cities like Berlin flattened by Allied bombings. Today, we see barricades put up around the Christmas display outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtnis Church in Berlin to protect it from Muslim terrorists like the one who struck down helpless pedestrians with a truck in 2016.

In 1945, thousands of women in Berlin were raped by marauding Red Army troops. These days, German women are attacked and raped by marauding Middle Eastern migrants, such as occurred outside the Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s Eve 2016/17. Others are even less “fortunate”. They are murdered senselessly by animals screaming, “Allahu Akhbar“.

Rather than learning her lesson, Merkel (and her accomplices in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, and other countries), Merkel keeps doubling down. She wants to punish the UK for Brexit. She wants to punish Eastern European countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland for their refusal to be invaded by millions of people from the Middle East and Africa seeking Lebensraum. Under Merkel’s leadership and influence, the EU is acting like the old Soviet Union. In 1956 and 1968, Hungary and Czechoslovakia respectively were invaded by tanks from the Warsaw Pact because they dared to show some independence. Now members of the EU, they are threatened by more subtle means of persuasion, such as economic sanctions if they don’t reconsider their immigration policies and accept “their fair share” of Arab and African migrants per the dictates of the EU.

In the 20th century, a madman named Hitler destroyed a great country by bringing about a horrific war that left Germany divided and in rubble. Today, a misguided woman named Merkel is threatening to destroy her country in a different manner. Like Hitler, she could take the rest of the continent down with her.



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