Anjem Choudary calls upon King Charles to embrace Islam and save himself from hellfire!

I don’t think so somehow. Not after the King has publicly declared his Anglican faith to the world. And on the Bible of St Augustine (6th century, probably pre-dating Mohammed) at that.  Ok, the King actually had his hand on a new edition of the 1611 Authorised Version especially commissioned for the coronation, but St Augustine’s copy of the gospels, which he is thought to have brought with him from Rome in 597AD, was carried in the procession in the Abbey for the reading of the Gospel.

Back to Anjem he says Message to the King! (A message Sire!)

Under English law the King is considered  sovereign, the supreme head of the nation, the supreme governor of the Church of England and defender of the faith.

All of this is in direct contrast to Islam where sovereignty and supremacy belong solely to Allah, where the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that there is no difference between an Arab or non-Arab, black or white person, except for piety.

The foundation of the belief of a Muslim entails  declaring that there is nothing truly worthy of worship, following or obedience expect Allah (Tawheed).

I am writing this invitation to call you to Islam. If you become a Muslim you will be safe – and God will double your reward, but if you reject this invitation of Islam you will bear the sin of having misguided your subjects.

Hence, we Muslims similarly invite all those who respect or accept sovereignty to anyone other than Allah (SWT) to give up their false claims and embrace Islam and  save themselves and their families from the hellfire.

The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “Whoever sees a governor among you committing oppression, violating the sanctity of Allah (such as the King), dishonouring almighty Allah, governing by other than what Allah has revealed (ie man made laws) and he does not raise his voice or act against him: Allah pledges that he will put them together on the day of judgement’ [Tabarani Ahmed]

I find it quite funny that only the law of Allah should be obeyed, but in order to implement the revelations of Allah Muslims need the four schools of Islamic Jurisprudence, Sharia courts, and an international industry of imams, ayatollahs, muftis and sheiks.