Anjem Choudary tells jihadis to target British troops after Prince Harry’s revelation that he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan.

If Prince Harry really did.  First he has received condemnation from current and serving soldiers for even keeping a tally, let alone mentioning it. It’s just not done; shame on him. Second, casualties resulting from any incident would have been a team effort. Third, the ‘revelation’ could well put all servicemen and women in danger, and his beloved wife and children.  Which has been proved right, as this threat by someone with a track record. 

From the Daily Mail

Extremist Anjem Choudary claimed the Duke of Sussex has shown ‘his true colours’ by confessing he took the lives of 25 Taliban fighters while serving as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.

Reacting to the revelations in Harry’s memoir Spare, the infamous preacher accused the Royal Family of having a ‘dark history of occupying Muslim lands’ and urged his followers to target British troops across the world.

Last night, leading politicians condemned the comments and warned of a raised threat to the Royal Family and Armed Forces.

Choudary has remained relatively silent since his release from prison almost four years ago, having been jailed over his support of Islamic State terrorists.

But in an online response to Harry’s memoir, he said: ‘The latest revelations from Harry that he murdered 25 Muslims in Afghanistan followed by his comment that he has no remorse and that he just saw these human beings as “chess pieces” tells us everything we need to know about the Royal Family and their thinking about Islam and Muslims. In reality, the British Royal Family has a long and dark history of supporting the occupation of Muslim lands, the usurpation of its resources and the oppression of Muslims.’

In the rambling statement, he adds: ‘The world now knows of the wickedness that the US, UK and others engaged in, including repeatedly murdering innocent unarmed Muslims… Nevertheless, Harry still saw fit to plunge his knife further into the hearts of Muslims with his callous boastful comments.’

The imam ends by issuing a threat to British troops stationed in Islamic countries, urging Muslims to target them in ‘Syria, Iraq and North Africa where many British soldiers are deployed’.

The last link I had for a website for Choudary was in September and that is now suspended. The Mail obviously has resources to keep up with him which I don’t have. 

Tobias Ellwood, Tory MP for Bournemouth East, urged Prince Harry to issue another statement clarifying his earlier remarks that will stop others from issuing extremist rants like Choudary.

Mr Ellwood said: ‘I would encourage Prince Harry to follow up with a statement of humility to clarify it was unwise to make such comments and out of step to what the rest of the Armed Forces do. I believe he needs to recognise it was ill-construed, will be interpreted the wrong way and to ratchet up hate. Otherwise there will be others in addition to Choudary who will try to stir up hatred.’

It’s too late for that. Words fail me about Prince Harry and his wife, so I won’t even try.  On twitter there are calls to the Metropolitan Police to arrest Choudary for inciting terrorism but I doubt they will be heeded.