Another Allahu-Akbar Stabbing in Australia: Muslim Attacks Non-Muslim Aussie in Minto, Sydney


I will begin by reproducing this story in the form in which it initially appeared early this morning at the ABC, as an indication of the sort of beating-around-the-bush that typifies the reporting of these sorts of ‘incidents’ that are happening, of late, with ever greater frequency.   I will then provide copies, with comment, of the reports that appeared toward evening, when the flaming obvious could no longer be avoided.

‘Counter-Terrorism Police Question 22 Year Old Man After Stabbing in Sydney’s Minto.’

‘Counter-terrorism police are investigating a stabbing that has left a man in a critical condition in Sydney’s south-west.

‘Police say they were called to Ohlfsen Road, in Minto, on Saturday afternoon, after a man was found with a number of stab wounds.

‘Paramedics said the man was treated at the scene for serious injuries, before being taken to Liverpool Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

This was an attempted murder. – CM

‘A short time later, officers arrested a 22-year-old man nearby.

‘Officers said he was being questioned by police from the New South Wales Counter Terrorism Command at the Macquarie Fields Police Station.

‘The ABC understands the man is known to the local community for his religious beliefs‘.

Religious beliefs’.  The moment I read that phrase I was perfectly convinced that the murder-minded stabber would not turn out to be a Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Taoist, Christian or Jew, but, rather, an adherent of The Religion of Perpetual Outrage, That Which Must Not Be Named.  The Counter Terrorism police don’t spend much time worrying about members of any religious group except You Know What, the followers and imitators of You Know Who.

And my suspicions turned out to be correct.  Here is one of the later reports, with more details, as published by Nine Network News, early this evening.

“Minto Stabbing: Video Shows Moment Alleged Attacker Was Arrested.’

‘Chilling details of the moment a man was stabbed in an alleged Islamic-State-inspired attack in Sydney have emerged, along with video of his attacker’s arrest.

‘Ihsas Khan, 22, allegedly stabbed 59 year old Wayne Greenhalgh as he walked through a park in Ohlfsen Rd in Minto, at around 4 pm yesterday.

Attacking in broad daylight.   Muslim attacker; non-Muslim victim.  – CM

‘Video fo Mr Khan’s arrest, obtained by 9News, showed police surrounding Mr Khan with tasers drawn, before leading him away to a divisional van.

‘Witness Sivei Ah Chong told 9 NEWS Mr Khan allegedly justified the attack to onlookers.

A Muslim guy (bless you, Mr Ah Chong, for telling it like it is – CM) ran behind with a knife and I said to him, “Mate, what are you doing?”  He said, “These people are killing my brother and sisters in Iraq”,” Mr Ah Chong said.

Nota bene.  First, by ‘brother and sisters’ the Muslim probably meant the murderous jihadis such as those who belong to Islamic State (but not necessarily only those who are part of Islamic State).  Second: the Muslim takes it for granted that he may engage in “collective punishment” and paint all infidels with a broad brush; yet Muslims and their supporters and defenders are always admonishing non-Muslims – whenever Muslims, here (as in Minto) or anywhere else, murderously attack our fellow non-Muslims – that we must never, never, never hold Muslims, the Ummah,  responsible for what other members of the Ummah do to us. – CM

‘Mr Ah Chong came to Mr Greenhalgh’s aid, attacking Mr Khan with a wooden paling until police arrived.

Good on you, Mr Ah Chong.  And as we will see from another report, other Aussie infidels also did what they could. – CM

‘Mr Khan was charged with committing a terror act and attempted murder, after his arrest.

‘His matter was heard at Parramatta Bail Court today, but he did not appear.  He was formally refused bail and the case was adjourned to Wednesday.

‘Court documents allege Mr Khan engaged in a terrorist act in an attempt to murder Mr Greenhalgh with the “intent to influence the Australian Government”.

The aim is also to terrorise the general Aussie public into submitting to Islam. – CM

‘Mr Greenhalgh, a father of three, suffered a punctured lung, and lacerations to his neck and finger as he tried to defend himself.

‘He was flown by helicopter to Liverpool Hospital in a critical condition.  His condition has since improved to “serious”.

Good.  It sounds as though he should survive. – CM

‘Earlier today, NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said police will allege he was “inspired by ISIS”.

‘However, police were not aware of any direct link between him and any terrorist group, Ms Burn said.

All it takes, all that is necessary for this kind of thing to happen, is for a person to be raised within, or else to join, the Ummah, the Allah Gang, the Mohammedan Mob, undergo an indoctrination in hatred of and aggression toward the filthy unbelievers, and take seriously the jihad doctrine of Islam.  You don’t need Islamic State.  The Muslims who are carrying out the Stabbing Jihad in Israel – involving attacks very similar to this attack in Minto – are mostly not proclaiming Islamic State to be their inspiration. –  CM

‘He has had a couple of interactions with local police over matters where we might say his behaviour ws odd or unusual.

“He has been of concern, he is a person of concern.

“There may have been some behaviours in the past which might be concerning behaviours, but not be linked to any of the matters that we are following or any of the people on our radar.”

Any Muslim may at any time and without any particular warning Go Jihad. That is the awful reality. – CM

“This really highlights the challenge that this is the new face of terrorism (sic: of Jihad – CM), this is the new face of what we have to deal with.”

If we did not have any Muslims resident on or visiting Australia soil we would not have to worry about allahu-akbaring Mohammedan murderers and would-be murderers attacking people in the street – or in a cafe – or in a park – or in a backpackers’ hostel.  We would still have to fortify and patrol our borders, but we wouldn’t have a large and expanding mohammedan Fifth Column in our cities and towns out of which murderers such as Mr Khan, animated by the doctrines of Islam, persistently emerge. – CM

‘While investigators believe the men were not known to each other, police will allege that the alleged attacker had “formed some view” of his victim, Ms Burn said.

The attacker learned that view in the course of his upbringing as a Muslim; it saturates the core texts of Islam.  Orthodox Islam teaches Muslims to view non-Muslims as objects of suspicion, contempt and hatred; they must be converted (by hook or by crook), or subjugated, or killed. – CM

‘Federal Attorney-General George Brandis said police would allege that material related to the terrorist organisation had been recovered in a search warrant of the man’s home.

All it takes for a Muslim to Go Jihad is the Quran, especially chapters 8 and 9. The Sira and Hadiths function by way of elaboration and reinforcement of the core ideas. You should read the Quran, Mr Brandis. – CM

“It is ISIL-related material, but beyond that I’d prefer, given this matter is still an ongoing investigation, not to be more specific”, he told reporters in Brisbane.

One hopes that besides searching the man’s home the police, ASIO and the AFP are also surprise-searching any mosque (or mosques) he attended. – CM

‘The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, has condemned the attack.

In the usual weasel words. – CM

“Regrding yesterday’s events, (Saturday) in Minto (and pending a formal investigation), our position remains firm: unequivocal condemnation of any terrorist attack that target innocent people and cause panic in the community, and likewise a complete rejection of the ideologies that promote these crimes”, a statement from Dr Mohammed read.

Whenever one reads this sort of thing one must bear grimly in mind that in Islamspeak, strictly speaking, the term “innocent people” can only apply to fully-sharia-compliant Muslims of the same sect as the speaker, and that mainstream Islamic theology views no kuffar – no infidel – as ‘innocent’.  One must also bear in mind that from the Muslim POV any infidels resisting in any way the spread, dominance or imposition of Islam re engaging in ‘terrorism’.  From a strict Muslim POV Mr Ah Chong, whacking the would-be jihadist murderer with a wooden paling, was a ‘terrorist’, as were the taser-wielding cops when they arrived on the scene and put a stop to Mr Ihsan Khan’s jihad against filthy Aussie infidels; the jihadi was not.  And which ‘community’ does the Mufti have in mind?  The general Aussie infidel community, or … the Muslim ummah which will pretty soon start squealing about “Islamophobia” and trying to represent itself as the real victim, just as it does whenever Muslims have murdered or tried to murder Infidels.  Similarly, ‘ideologies’ could refer to any belief system that inspires actions that Muslims define as ‘terrorism’, that is, rejection of and resistance to Islamisation. – CM

‘The NSW Police Force has advised there is no ongoing threat to the community in relation to the incident.

Really? So long as there are Muslims in large numbers resident in Australia there is an ongoing threat to the Aussie infidel community.  Would anyone here like to lay bets on when the next allahu-akbar attack will take place on Australian soil? – We had a murder in August, and we have now had attempted murder in September. –  CM

‘The Joint Counter-Terrorism Team is made up of NSW Police Force and Australian Federal Police officers.”

And now the ABC’s updated report which still avoids mentioning the M-word, the I-word or the J-word.

“Man Charged With Committing Terrorist Attack, Attempted Murder, After Stabbing in Sydney.

Correction: “Muslim Man Charged With Committing Terrorist Attack, Attempted Murder, After Stabbing Non-Muslim in Sydney”. – CM

‘A man has been charged with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder after a stabbing left a man in a critical condition in Sydney’s south-west.

‘Police said they were called to Ohlfsen Road, in Minto, about 4 pm on Saturday, where it is alleged a 59 year old man was stabbed a number of times while walking through a reserve.

‘He suffered serious injuries to his body and hands and remains in hospital in a critical condition.

When police from Macquarie Fields arrived at the scene, attempts were allegedly made to stab an officer through a window, before the 22 year old man was arrested.

‘A large knife was seized for forensic examination, and the man was taken to Macquarie Fields Police Station, where he was questioned by police from the New South Wales Counter Terrorism Command.

‘The man was charged this morning with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder, and refused bail to appear in Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday.

‘Police said the victim and the other man were not known to each other, and the ABC understands the man is known to the local community for his religious beliefs…”.

And then, finally, the ABC had to spit it out, when the name of the perpetrator became known.

“Sydney Stabbing: Alleged Terror Attacker Inspired by Islamic State, Police Say.”

‘A 22 year old man (that is: a 22 year old Muslim man – CM) charged with a terrorist attack in south-west Sydney was inspired by the Islamic State group, NSW Police allege.

‘Ihsas [Ihsan?] Khan is accused of stabbing 59 year old Wayne Greenhalg a number of times at a reserve on Ohlfsen Road at Minto on Saturday afternoon.

‘The victim suffered injuries to his body and hands and remains in hospital in serious condition.

‘Khan has been charged with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder.

‘He has appeared in Parrammatta Bail Court, where he was denied bail.

‘He is due to appear in court next week.

“We will be alleging before court that this was an act inspired by ISIS, it was a deliberate act, it resulted in a person receiving extremely serious injuries”, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burns said.

‘Witnesses have told the ABC that Mr Greenhalf ran into a nearby hair salon to flee his assailant.

‘Khan is known to the police (hmmm – for what, precisely? I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether it comes out in the wash – CM), but not for links to any known terror groups (except to that vast terror group which is the Ummah itself, within which he was raised and taught – CM), Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burns said.

“We know that this person has strong extremist beliefs inspired by ISIS’, she said.  “He is not someone who was front and centre in our work at the moment.  We don’t believe he was connected with any terrorist group.  This is the challenge.”

He is part of the Ummah.  Scrutinise the Ummah.  Watch the mosques.  Search the mosques.  Got Muslims? – Got jihad. – CM

‘When police arrived at the scene on Saturday, Khan allegedly attempted to stab an officer through the car window.

“We will allege that he was going to attack [the officers] also”, Deputy Commissioner Burns said.

‘The husband of the salon owner said his wife’s actions helped save Mr Greenhalg, after another neighbour also intervened.

“My neighbour’s come home, just a freak of timing, he’s come home at exactly the right time from his son’s football game”, Andrew Horton said.  “[He] saw that the attacker had a knfie, [he] got out of the car and threw the door open and it sort of blocked the bloke a bit, apparently.”

‘The man did not witness the incident, but said his wife told him the victim sought shelter in her nearby salon where she was.  “She’s seen that he’s been knifed, she saw the blood pouring out of him, and seen that the fella’s not far behind him… but she’s had the sense to lock the door”, he said.

That is, the victim staggered into the salon, and then the salon owner shut and locked the door, preventing the attacker from pursuing his victim inside. – CM

‘Mr Horton said the alleged attacker tried to break the glass door of the salon, but it held, and police arrived a short time afterwards.

‘A large knife was taken from the scene for forensic examination by police…

‘Mr Greenlahlg’s wife Bronwyn said she and her husband saw Khan earlier on Saturday acting suspiciously.

“Just in the morning [he] came out of his house [and] just walked towards us”, she said.  “We thought he was going to ask us something, and then he just turned around and went back home, and he had a little book in his hand with Arabic writing on it.

“I said to Wayne a couple of times yesterday that was really strange”.

‘Deputy Commissioner Burns said there had “clearly been some degree of planning” but it was not known for how long.

Neighbours have told the ABC that a man in the area had been acting suspiciously for the past year.

A Muslim man, acting suspiciously.  But did any of them report it? Or did they decide not to, for fear of being called racist, and/ or Islamophobic? – CM

‘Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said there were similarities between the incident and the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States 15 years ago.

Yes indeed.  But not quite in the way that Mr Turnbull thinks. – CM

“On one level, they seem very different. But connecting them both is a violent Islamist ideology which perverts the religion of Islam and seeks to destroy and threaten our way of life” Mr Turnbull told reporters.

Correction. “But connecting them both is  Islam, a violent religion of blood and war, which seeks to destroy and threaten our way of life”. – That’s what Mr Turnbull should have said, and didn’t, because he couldn’t.  Because he is refusing to see it. – CM

‘He said another connection was the heroism of members of the public at the scenes of both events.

‘Attorney-General George Brandis earlier paid tribute to police officers as well as members of the public who helped the victim at the scene.

“It may very well be [that] but for the bravery of those citizens, who intervened, the victim’s life would have been lost”, Senator Brandis said.

It’s a pity that Mr Ah Chung did not whack a lot harder with his wooden fence-paling, and that the other neighbour, arriving on the scene in a car, did not do as certain Israeli drivers have done, upon seeing a Muslim running amok in the streets with a knife, and… run right over the knife-wielding murderous Mr Khan. – CM

‘Since the terror level threat (the threat of Muslim murderers running amok in our streets – CM) was raised two years ago, police and security agencies had “interdicted and prevented another ten (incidents)”, Senator Brandis added.

Ten attempts in two years.   And how many more plots will be hatched this year, and the next and the next? And then there will be the attacks such as the murder in Home Hill, and the attempted murder of two policemen (by a would-be jihadi who got shot dead by one of his wounded victims) and this attempted murder in Minto, carried out by Muslims that no-one was watching at all. –  CM

‘The Federal Government will introduce two new pieces of anti-terrorism legislation to Federal Parliament this week.

‘The first will see the introduction of control orders for offenders as young as 14 years old, while the other will allow authorities to detain convicted terrorists who have finished their sentences, if they are deemed to be a risk to the community.

‘The High Risk Terrorism Offenders legislation is similar to arrangements in some states for sex offenders, and follows an in-principle agreement struck with state and territory governments.

‘”Sadly there are some cases where a person who has been convicted and imprisoned for a terrorism crime, after they have served their sentence, is nevertheless unreformed, is nevertheless just as determined to pursue their terrorist intentions as they were the day they entered the prison walls”, Senator Brandis said.

That is because they are enemy combatants; Oriana Fallaci called them the “Soldiers of Allah”.  Internment – which would only work if lifelong – or deportation to the Dar al Islam, or execution, are the only real options.  And we shouldn’t keep on letting more and more of them in, inside our gates.

 I propose a completely different type of anti-terrorism legislation.  It would identify Islam as a hostile ideology – it would recognise it for what it is, what Churchill called it, “the religion of blood and war” – and its adherents therefore as an actual and/ or potential menace to all non-Muslims persons and polities.  It would bring a complete halt to all entry into Australia of persons from any OIC country, excepting only persons who could be clearly demonstrated to be from one or other of the various cruelly-persecuted and oppressed non-Muslim indigenous minorities within said OIC countries, such as the Assyrian Christians from Syria and Iraq.  It would use profiling to identify and exclude Muslims who might appear at our gates waving a French, or UK, or other-infidel-country passport.  It would make possible the deportation of non-citizen Muslims and the stripping of citizenship – or the sentencing to exile/ outlawry – of Aussie-passport-holding Muslims who had departed from Australia to join assorted malevolent sub-franchises of the Ummah, such as Islamic State. – CM

‘Senator Brandis said the two pieces of legislation had been in planning for a number of months and was not in response to the alleged attack in Minto.”

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