Anti-Islamisation ‘PEGIDA’ Group Launches UK Chapter

In a small Bedfordshire village on Monday, former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson held a press conference in a second attempt at launching a UK branch of the anti-Islamisation group PEGIDA, which started in Germany, named Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident.

“We don’t stand for hate; we are a reaction to hate”, insisted Anne Marie Waters, the chairman of Sharia Watch who will work on the management team. Alongside her sat Mr. Robinson and the UK group’s new leader, Paul Weston, of the counter-jihad political party Liberty GB.

“I’m here to introduce you to the new leadership team”, said Robinson, explaining that the PEGIDA movement aimed to “provide a safe environment to show resistance to what is happening”, because the, “political system has fail us.”

He spoke about the mass-migration of Muslims from Syria, Afghanistan and Libya seen this summer, and pointed to the recent general election in which nearly four million people voted for UKIP, “and only one MP!” he exclaimed. “A majority of the people in the UK are concerned with certain elements of immigration, and how Islam is changing our country, but they are not being heard”, 

The first attempt at launching the UK branch of the PEGIDA — a UK mirror of the European movement of the same name that began in the summer of 2014 — did not go to plan. “I’ve brought in some more experience, and some credibility I hope. This is not a one man band”, Mr. Robinson told Breitbart London after the event. “I think the three of us will work very well together”.

PEGIDA UK will hold it’s first event on Saturday the 6th February, a day on which simultaneous events associated with PEGIDA will take place across Europe Robinson has previously said: in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

In Germany, Angela Merkel has denounced the group as having “hate in their hearts”. However Robinson spoke alongside the Czech Republic’s very supportive left-wing President, Milos Zeman, at an event linked to PEGIDA in November. 

“The only places where politicians still speak honestly about Islam are those not overran by Islam,” Robinson told Breitbart London. “In Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland; the politicians are still saying what needs to be said. . . However our politician are pandering; they are cowards and they are scared. . .  

“. . . Hopefully when [the politicians] see such huge support for what we’re saying they will start talking about the issues… We not guna get a pat on the back for doing that. Like with the grooming scandal, no one congratulated us for bringing it to the forefront.

“But I don’t care if they can’t admit if we were right about the problem. I just want the problems solved.”

“It needs to pass off peacefully if we’re going to give normal people a voice,” said Robinson. “And if we were going to Birmingham city centre that would be impossible. But,” he said, “because of the location we have chosen and because of the discussions we’ve had with the police I believe we will keep it quite. It’s in the middle of nowhere — car parks everywhere — and its nowhere near an Asian area”, he said.

“However, its the Police’s job to make sure nobody comes to attack us. We have chose to be away from any problems, but we can’t do anything about left wingers who might want to cause us problems”, 


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  1. Y’know, I looked at those three and I thought – “Harry, Ron and Hermione”.

    The Order of the Phoenix. Going up against the Death Eaters, the zombified followers of You Know Who, and with far too many of their countrymen and women well and truly under the Imperius curse…

    Rowling, of course, has NO idea of just how perfectly her fantasy holds up a mirror to reality. She has NO idea who is the real equivalent of Lord Voldemort, or of the Death Eaters, or of the Order of the Phoenix…indeed her *conscious* mind is, I fear (and tragically) mapping our current situation entirely the wrong way around. The subconscious, however, has a remarkable habit of seeing and telling the truth (so M Scott Peck says in one of his books); I am convinced it was the ‘subconscious’ of the West that spoke through those books. Like her own ‘Professor Trelawney’ Rowling has *no* idea what she said either when she was saying it or indeed afterward…

  2. I’d like to know more about Pegida! I like to be informed of whats going on in Europe ! Especially the migrant situation ! It’s very concerning.

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