Anti-Islamist PEGIDA rally in Dresden called off after threat

From Deutsche Welle

Dresden’s police called off Monday’s PEGIDA demonstration because of a “concrete threat against a member” of the organizing body. The police chief on Sunday issued a blanket ban on all demonstrations in the city on Monday, citing the threat of an attack.

“On analyzing the current situation, we now no longer believe this is an abstract danger, but rather a concrete one,” Dieter Kroll of Dresden’s police said. Kroll said that one particular member of PEGIDA and that person’s entourage was most at risk.

The comments seemed to suggest that Lutz Bachmann, the 41-year-old widely credited as founder and organizer of PEGIDA, might be the subject of the threat. Mass-circulation daily Bild reported online that this was the case.

Kathrin Oertel, another senior PEGIDA figure, said afterwards that all of the organization’s supporters had been told to stay at home, and not to travel to Dresden on Monday. PEGIDA also announced the cancelation on security grounds via its Facebook page.

“It is a grave infringement on freedom of opinion and the right to assembly, if it is possible for terrorist forces to lever out our constitutionally guaranteed right, but your safety comes first,” PEGIDA wrote on its Facebook page, saying that its members and the police were working to ensure a rally could take place next Monday, January 26.

After this, in block capitals, the group wrote an appeal for “all Europeans who are for freedom of opinion and against religious fanaticism of any kind” to wave their national flag out of the window and display a lighted candle in their window at the planned time of Monday’s march, 6:30 p.m. local time 

All other Pegida rallys in 10 citys in Germany will be held as planned. 


2 Responses

  1. I do hope that, all over Germany, flags will wave from windows and candles be lit. (And no reason why those in other European countries who support PEGIDA and long to see similar action in their own countries, could not do similar: their country’s flag, and the German flag, and a lit lantern or candle).

    I hope that all the other planned rallies – that is, the ones apart from the Dresden rally- will receive massive attendance. (I know that, were I in Germany, I would screw up my courage, don my Star of David, and take myself off to the nearest rally, regardless. Safety in numbers.)

    I certainly do hope that the police – and if necessary, the military – will step up to the plate and that the rescheduled Dresden rally will go ahead on the 26th.

    A further thought. If there should be any local parish priests within Germany who are aware of and sympathetic to the cause of PEGIDA – priests who have, perhaps, had contact with Christian refugees from Iraq, Syria, Egypt or elsewhere in the dar al Islam, and know what they have suffered at the hands of Muslims, or who have perhaps themselves within Germany, in or around their parish, endured harassment, threats and bullying from Muslims, or who have baptised ex-Muslims and then been made aware of the Islamic apostasy law and the permanent peril within which those apostates from Islam now live, all over Germany – then those parish priests, besides the lantern and the flag, have one simple thing they could do: they could ring their church bells at 6.30 pm. And they could indeed ring their bells all day long on any day on which PEGIDA is marching.

  2. I have lost all respect for all the mainstream parties in Germany. Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) might be ok but the rest are now just part of the traitor class who stand for nothing but their own power and re-election.

    At this stage I don’t care if you call the parties opposing the status quo “far right” because the center had moved so far to the left that any freedom/liberty loving ‘small Europe’ party is now considered right wing radical.

    Der Untergang des Abendlandes indeed. Spengler was right all along.

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