Are mosque fires end of ‘paradise’ Sweden?

The Local web-newspaper is about the only direct source of English language news I have for Sweden; sadly in recent years it either reports interesting but bland ‘local’ news, or more worring incidents from a ‘celebrate diversity’ angle. As in this article. But the comments are interesting. 

Three torched mosques within a week led to demonstrations across the country on Friday in support of Muslims. The Local’s Oliver Gee watched the Stockholm rally unfold and spoke to leading campaigners about what should happen next.

Sweden is getting a bad reputation. (see what I mean about angle?)
Headlines across the world screamed this week that three mosques had been torched deliberately and journalists were quick to point out that rising tensions followed the nationalist Sweden Democrats doubling their support to 13 percent at the last election in September and record numbers of refugees arriving in the country.
On the home front there has been a mixed reaction to the attacks. Online forums saw some Swedes praising what had happened. It became clear that whether or not the attacks turned out to be proven hate crimes or the work of a few drunk vandals oblivious to where their firebombs were heading, there was a community delighted that sacred buildings had gone up in flames.
As The Local tweeted from the anti-racism rally in Stockholm designed to counteract the support for the violence, we were bombarded by Islamophobic replies, while racist comments flooded our comments section.
But the Stockholm rally was evidence that many more people still support a peaceful and tolerant Sweden. Thousands faced the winter chill to hear speakers from the Islamic community.

Others used their speeches to throw more direct criticism at the nationalist Sweden Democrat party, which is growing in strength.
Among them was Amer Sarsour, a Muslim poet who entertained the crowd with his spoken-word dict entitled “Mister Sweden Democrat” – which included lines like “You’re like a soft bit of chocolate that I want to eat and then shit out”. (When you get flak you know you are over the target)

“They say Muslims are a problem – but Muslims have never been a problem in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats have played a role in all that’s been happening – the Islamophobia, the racism against Muslims. They’re fooling the people. They use lies, they play on emotions,” he lamented.
“And why should you fear the Muslims? They try to preach peace. They want to live in peace and prosperity, and they have lived this way in Sweden for a long time. They don’t want to bother anyone. I don’t think people should be afraid, I mean, that would be strange. That’s something that started with the propaganda since 9/11 in 2001. It’s been an agitation against the Muslims since then. I understand people associate Muslims with terrorists but it’s wrong and it has to stop.” 

Alice Bah Kuhnke, Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy. . . half-Gambian Swede spoke to a glove-muffled applause about how she planned to tackle the growing tide of Islamophobia, and how knowledge was the only cure for prejudice. “I’m a minister – I have the democratic weapons to change this.”

And the Swedish people still retain the democratic weapons to vote you out.

I have taken those comments which I think are written by Swedes.They include:

? Yes, let’s bring peace to Sweden through increased immigration of Arab rapists to catapult Sweden from No. 2 to No. 1 in the world in the number of rapes…yes let’s do THAT! That seems intelligent


If Sweden or any country wants a peaceful and tolerant society you should be pushing to get rid of Muslims not attracting them to you. Furthermore, Muslim is not a race, it is a religious identity, so one cannot be racist against them. Thirdly, name to me ONE…just one thing a Muslim…any Muslim has done to promote peace of tolerance in the last 1400 years…the answer is nothing! Even those who have no blood on their hands, by virtue of not stomping out the violent Muslims has blood on their hands!
Finally, one can be intolerant and not be bigoted or racist. But one must believe he is superior to another based only upon skin color to be a racist. One must be directly hateful and seek the proverbial destruction of another (and be wrong) in order to be bigoted. Simply disagreeing with someone or pointing out that most of his community are a certain way is not bigoted nor racist.

?This is just part of the bigger European picture. Natives are sick of the lies and having to bend to accommodate new immigrants and refugees.Back in the 60’s when the first guest workers arrived we were told that they were temporary and they would soon go home once the work dried up. The truth was big business paid them less for the same work. They were allowed to stay. So the whole temporary thing was a lie. Then in the 90’s refugees arrived and we were told we needed to change our traditions and laws so they feel comfortable in their new home. Their presence was supposed to be temporary. Another lie. Europe is finally waking up.

How can you name Sweden as a “paradise” when it´s police names dozens city areas as “No-Go-Areas”, saying they lost the control of mainly muslim areas? From an international view, THAT is giving Sweden a really bad Image. 

?Media is keen to shift the blame to the SD, while exacerbating & perpetuating the division of this country.


3 Responses

  1. Having sown the wind, the multi culti elites will now reap the whirlwind. Tornado, probably. No sympathy for the lefties.

  2. Here’s a site from an American in Sweden who has lots more information on the first mosque fire:

    And here’s the current piece that analyzes the fires to see who would benefit from them:

    I can’t vouch for this site but it’s been linked from two Canadian sites recently (Blazingcatfur and VladTepes). It appears to have lots of good information (punctuated with the occasional salty metaphor).

  3. Thank you Kinnedar
    I see that Brian of London, a friend of this site has made a similar comment at the Sweden Report article.
    In the UK we have had a few mosque fires that were either insurance scams, or an effort to clear the site of the existing building which the council wanted the fabric of preserved, so as to be able to rebuild with minaret, dome and other features not in the English vernacular tradition.

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