Are They Taking No Prisoners in Raqqa?

by Gary Fouse

This Fox News report strongly implies that coalition forces fighting ISIS in Syria (and perhaps Iraq as well) are taking no prisoners when it comes to foreign fighters. I hope it is true.

Obviously, ISIS is no signatory to the Geneva Convention, but it still raises the question of morality. I would argue, however, that this is a war unlike any other. The ISIS fighters, aside from the fact that they wear no national uniforms, do not represent any country, and do not adhere to any civilized rules of warfare to begin with, are vastly different from normal enemy soldiers.

Even in World War II, notwithstanding the fact that many German and Japanese soldiers committed gross war crimes, many did not. Many were merely sent into battle and fought honorably. The Allies had a system of war tribunals that dealt with those who committed war crimes. (Of course, many escaped justice altogether.) Those who fought honorably were entitled to humane treatment when captured until the cessation of hostilities. We maintained that principle during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

In my view, no ISIS fighter are fighting honorably, no matter how much they might think so due to their twisted Islamic ideology. They have conducted themselves like vicious animals. As to the foreign fighters, no sensible country should want them back-not even to clog up their courts and prisons. One known exception is Sweden, a nation that has lost its mind. They actually welcome ISIS fighters who left Sweden back. They provide them with new identities, housing, and job training. It is the height of folly. Sweden will pay the price with the deaths of its own citizens on its own streets.

I say let the Iraqis, Syrians, and Kurds deal with this scum as they wish. We cannot allow any of these animals back into our own countries. We have no business sending consular officers to look after them, transporting them back home, and giving them the benefit of a trial, defense lawyers, appeals and all. If and when they are identified, the US and other nations should take steps to revoke their citizenship (if naturalized) and leave them there to the mercies of the local authorities who captured them.

I hope no American soldier is put in the position of shooting defenseless prisoners. However, if the above report is accurate, this is a time to turn our heads and ask no questions.


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  1. It seems to be a choice between homicidal and suicidal behavior.
    Funding for this enemy’s attitude adjustment is funding taken away from their victims’ rehabilitation.

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