A Great Prince and Princess & Apollo

by Michael Shindler (November 2022)

Ida Rubinstein, Romaine Brooks, 1917


A Great Prince and Princess

A great prince and princess
Spied each other from opposite sides of a ballroom
And each was a sight to see
With black-white eyes and black-white hair.

In the center, they approached
Amid an extraordinary waltz

As in a game of chess
A move from doom
Players talk blithely
And vacate their square.

Yes, for all their faults,
In the center, they approached.




Apollo when walking through an antique valley
Did not allow his gaze to wander
Toward whosoever praised him.

Indeed, it was a beautiful valley
And all who lived there loved him.

But in spite of their love
His gaze was fixed elsewhere,
Beyond the valley,
At a dim point



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