93 and Not Dead Yet: The End 

by Reg Green (January 2023)

New England Editor
, Thomas Hart Benton, 1946


Having known many journalists who, refreshing when young, became bores as they recycled stories, repeated jokes and revived stale news, I was determined to quit as soon as I felt the cold wind that comes with too much exposure. Readers with good memories and an eye for human weakness may remember that I announced a year ago that I thought that time had arrived. In the end, however, vanity won and I continued. But now it’s time. This will be the last “93 And Not Dead Yet.” Thank you for reading it

“94 And Not Dead Yet” will start next month. If that turns out to be too ambitious, a replacement is waiting in the wings. It is called “94 And Dead.”


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Reg Green is an economics journalist who was born in England and worked for the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Times of London. He emigrated to the US in 1970. His books include The Nicholas Effect and his website is nicholasgreen.org.

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