A Pandemic of Fraudsters

by David Solway (July 2024)

The Soothsayer’s Recompense, Giorgio de Chirico (1913)


Meager checks on fraud … were watered down to the point of meaninglessness. —Mollie Hemingway, Rigged

The influence the devil has in the politics of mankind is another special part of his history … and we shall be obliged … to unlock the cabinets of state … and expose them so much that it may perhaps make a combustion among the great politicians. —Daniel Defoe, The Political History of the Devil



The con was in from the beginning. It is only thanks to a crucial number of benefactors and unsung heroes, physicians like Peter McCullough, Paul Elias Alexander, Ryan Cole, Paul Marik, Vernon Coleman, Pierre Kory, William Makis, Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, that the truth about the faux pandemic and the toxic vaccines started to come out. The Telegraph and The Western Standard (May 7, 2024) report that AstraZeneca’a Vaxzevria vaccine, once heralded by Boris Johnson as a “triumph for British science,” has been linked to syndromes causing blood clots and has been withdrawn. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was flagged as causing deaths from the same syndrome and was subsequently pulled from the market. There was never an acceptable safety profile, as the best people were long aware. That was always a fiction.

Similarly, an Epoch Times exclusive via a Freedom of Information Act request (May 3, 2024) “found evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines caused multiple deaths,” all the while that the CDC was trying to attenuate or flatly deny the findings. The ET article cited many acclaimed professional physicians who declared there was little doubt of a causal relation between the vaccines and mortality. Genotoxicity turns out to be the case.

Dr Kevin McKernan

Evidence of the CDC’s torrent of lies regarding the blatant facts and its responsibility for vaccine-linked deaths is no longer moot. The CDC’s position is not unexpected since it was among “the leaders of the disinformation campaign to convince the American public” of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. It is on the hunt for new COVID variants it can inject into the scam and has come up with something called KP.3 or FLiRT, referring to specific positions in the spike protein.

The same is true of Canada. Kevin McKernan, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Medicinal Genomics, deposes that “in every vial [of the vaccines] there’s forensic level grade DNA contamination.” It’s clear that “the regulators are in collusion with the companies they are supposed to regulate.” There is nothing surprising about this since “80% of Health Canada’s revenue actually comes from the pharmaceutical companies they regulate.” This species of racketeering is surely comparable in the U.S.

Fraud was (and is) of the essence in the cataract of Internet sites and medical publications assuring the public of the benign nature of the COVID mandates and the typical bullying practices of the Health authorities. In fact, masking, social distancing, lockdowns, rapid cycle PCR viral detection procedures, and poorly tested mRNA “vaccines” were never of much or any therapeutic value—and, indeed, were enormously injurious to physical health, psychological stability, social cohesion, child development, economic prosperity and, most crucially, life-expectancy. Historian Niall Ferguson describes COVID as the Western version of Chernobyl, “a massive disaster that lays bare the utter incompetence and mendacity that pervades every level of government.”

Dr. Peter McCullough

A report from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Thomas Jefferson University “demonstrates a several logarithmic fold increase … in a wheel or giant array of serious adverse events and deaths.” In the light of these findings, Dr. Peter McCullough questions how a synthetic genetic code within a lipid nanoparticle could have been approved for a highly pathogenic and rapidly mutating spike protein. McCullough says—quiet rightly, I believe—that “The whole purpose of creating SARS-Cov-2 or creating any of these pathogens in biolabs is to create vaccines, not therapeutics.” These vaccines from the start “were doomed to be unsafe and ineffective.” Interestingly, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled that the mRNA jab is not a vaccine but a “therapeutic”—which is at least a step in the tight direction (though it is moot whether these substances even mitigate symptoms). The case is ongoing.

It has now been confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine contains a DNA segment called Simian Virus-40 (SV-40), an  “emerging human pathogen” that “induces cancer,” according to the US National Institutes of Health and the US Food and Drug Administration. Publicly funded “scientists” and “experts” assuring us that reports of such baneful effects were false were themselves false. The vast majority of bought-and-paid-for Internet sites, tainted nonprofits, agency heads, morally compromised physicians, and pandemic profiteers flagrantly violating countless well-established normative rules were never to be trusted.



It is no longer a secret that the army of COVID propagandists and vaccine proponents was part of the progressivist movement that has gradually but inexorably commandeered and subsumed the traditional culture of the West. It has engineered a revolution in law, language, social usages and technology. The long march through the institutions—the universities and public schools, the media, the political parties, the scientific community, the corporations, the banks, the big foundations, the judiciary, the administrative agencies, the civic milieu in general—has also culminated in the virtual takeover of the medical profession. Ignorance and greed are an unbeatable combination, making a mockery of the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code.

Even a renowned leftist stooge like Bernard Henri-Levi can be right once a book. Though he was embarrassingly and provably wrong about almost every other issue he addressed in his boilerplate The Virus in the Age of Madness, he was right in arguing that physicians are not supermen, that “doctors do not always possess more information than we do, and there is something a little absurd in the blind confidence we place in them.” That even a batrachian crackpot with a set of glitzy credentials that should fool nobody can be right about the medical industry reinforces our skepticism.

An affidavit from Dr. James Miller calls out the medical community for criminal behaviour, wilful negligence, petty persecutions, and fraud during the COVID period. “I also observed,” Miller writes, “the established and long-standing groundwork of the wanton institutional corruption of the medical and healthcare communities.” Poet and essayist Asa Boxer states, “Neil deGrasse Tyson asserts that members of the National Academy of Sciences are ‘the most brilliant minds in the nation.’ What emerges from these assertions,” Boxer continues, “is an important insight into how these people think: these folk truly believe themselves superior to the rest of humanity, indeed so superior, that they deserve unquestioned authority … At their sufferance, we live and die.” As Rod Dreher tersely puts it, “The ideological elites have marched through the institutions, changing them radically. Even science and medicine have fallen.”

The technique deployed to anesthetize public consciousness of the debacle is called “ideological subversion,” or “demoralization,” defined by Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov as a means to change perception of reality so that “despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.” A person subject to this technique “is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. [He is] flat out rejecting facts in favor of narratives and opinions.” Or as Roger Scruton puts it in the conclusion to Fools, Frauds and Firebrands, “To defend what is merely real becomes impossible … Every reality must then shrivel up, reduced to a fragment of the old ‘hegemony,’ condemned as a fetish and a simulacrum.” Such is the mind-meld of the Left.

Dr Thomas Binder

If psychological manipulation or subversion doesn’t work, there is always another option, whether censorship, firing or incarceration. Swiss immunologist and internal medicine specialist Thomas Binder, who objected to the fraudulent science around COVID was, in true Soviet fashion, forcibly hospitalized and referred for compulsory psychiatric treatment by the medical and political authorities. Punished for advocating a return to real science, he has not relented in sounding a warning. “While there has never been a pandemic of a killer virus, there was a pandemic of cowards … This modified RNA genocide is the greatest medical crime in human history.” The modified RNA vaccination “coerces your body to produce a toxin in an unknown dose, and for an unknown period of time,” leading to the immune system rejecting its own product and, in effect, attacking itself.

There is nothing basically obscure or mysterious about the vaccines if one’s frontal lobe is still intact. The facts are really low-hanging fruit, easily plucked. Nuclear Medicine Physician at the University of Alberta, Dr. William Makis, has documented many of the “died suddenly” cases. He has indefatigably tracked the post-vaccine mortality calendar of athletes, doctors, pilots, soldiers and ordinary people in all walks of life, including children.

Dr William Makis

Most recently, giving names, dates and photos, Makis has catalogued the vaccine-related deaths of 72 firefighters, 25 paramedics and EMTs, 85 musicians and singers, and as of this writing, another six pilots in the last two months. (A seventh has just succumbed.) He has also shown how Childhood Vaccines (CHV) can lead to lifelong seizures (COVID Intel video, March 2024). He has docketed another 56 cases of sudden and unexpected deaths of 12-15 year-olds in the past months and still another 100 cases of 16-19 year-olds. Not to be deterred, the CDC has suppressed or attempted to counter evidence of children and teenagers who died from post-vaccination heart inflammation (ET Video, May 19, 2023). The vaccines must not be challenged. Alberta Health Services even features a game called COVID-zilla encouraging children to take these deleterious and potentially lethal substances.

How many mordant diseases will emerge in future among an immunodeficient or cytokine population of young and old cannot be predicted with precision, but it is more than likely that vast populations will suffer the consequences of these largely untested and malefic substances. The acronyms are already prominent in the literature as well as the public forum: SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

It is now clear, as Dr. Binder and many others have shown, that the mRNA vaccines instruct the cells to produce a piece of the spike protein whose continuous distribution through the body can and does cause multiple organ damage. In point of fact, the COVID-19 vaccines turned people’s own bodies into SARS-CoV-2 spike protein factories.

As one commentator to the ET Video wrote, many innocent people will experience the malignant results of “the greatest medical malfeasance in the history of modern medicine.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, CEO and Medical Director of MedMalDoctors, using government data and statistical extrapolations, estimates 20 million deaths and 2 billion adverse events globally, directly attributable to the COVID “vaccine.” Dr. Hodkinson, who has been attacked by all the usual suspects—AP News, The Tyee, AFP Fact Check, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and a host of other leftist and progressivist organizations brandishing the weapons of defamation and censorship—has stood his ground. His competence and erudition in the field speaks for itself, eclipsing by orders of magnitude that of his adversaries and detractors. He is not part of the bought-and-paid-for consensus. The reader will make of this what he will.



In his book COVID-19 – Decoding Official Data, French statistician Pierre Chaillot shows how the public’s perception of the pandemic was manipulated by the promotion of false statistics and that SARS-CoV-2 did not exist in the form claimed by the media, the medical consortium and government officials. Hospital administrations colluded in inventing and releasing exaggerated numbers of COVID admissions and mortality figures. Governments refused to provide accurate numbers. The parade of unreliable tests, the rejection of simple, effective remedies, the falsified death certificates to create a state of global panic, the production of fast-track drugs minus longitudinal trials and assessments, indeed the entire scaffolding of lies was virtually unassailable for years and is only just beginning to come apart.

We now learn that an internal ONS email confirmed that the National Institute Management System (NIMS) database of vaccinated people, which the ONS depended upon, had excluded those people who had died before vaccine records were sent back to the central system. Later, in an effort to play the limited hangout game, the ONS confessed that there was indeed a policy to describe people “close to death’” as not vaccinated, but did so only to explain other anomalies in the data—whatever these may have been. In effect, the tendency was to boost the virus mortality figure and to correspondingly reduce the vaccine casualty count.

Now we hear of the frightening “potential possibility” of the H5N1 bird flu, the need to have poultry and cattle herds slaughtered—Australia has culled 500,000 chickens for a “manufactured crisis”—and of people experiencing the viral jump from animal to man. It reeks of another coercive hoax intended to terrify and drive people to get jabbed again. As I wrote previously, a new, ‘highly pathogenic’ pandemic is in the offing, just in time to support the World Health Organization’s planned invasion of national sovereignty. And, of course, the new strain arrives just in time for the approaching presidential election. We should by this time know how this kind of chicanery works. Indeed, The Heritage Foundation has recently published a book detailing five out of 1,500 proven instances of election fraud, leaving no doubt about the extent and nature of the 2020 electoral scandal and the role played by the timely pandemic.

Ron Fouchier

Of course, sometimes one has to temper one’s cynicism and recognize that there is always a possibility the new variant may be real. If so, the likelihood is that the virus has been artificially confected. Dr. John Leake at Courageous Discourse points to “a striking paucity of evidence” to support the proposition of transatlantic origin—from Holland to Iceland to Newfoundland to Georgia. The standard etiology for avian transmission across oceans is 9 years, not the approximately one year being proposed, as per the famous “Transatlantic Spread” paper, from early Spring to Autumn 2021. Further, wild birds and ducks are incapable of flying the thousands of migratory oceanic kilometers needed to carry their payload. It seems far more plausible that the new clade would have emerged from a Gain-of-Function experiment on H5N1 bird flu conducted by the notorious Ron Fouchier at his Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. It is also known that Fouchier collaborated closely with the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (SEPRL) in Georgia, which performed experiments with H5Nx viruses on mallard ducks in the spring of 2021, indicating the two laboratories likely shared virus samples.

Not every scientist in the relevant field is as disreputable as Fouchier or Fauci. As the Western Standard discreetly comments, one does not have to believe that all the ‘experts’ and ‘players’ involved in making decisions “were sinister, stupid and malicious. Some of them made you wonder, some times, yes. And the neat CDC reclassification of an insufficiently tested substance that was not a vaccine, as a vaccine, was not a confidence builder, either.” But one might well suspect that most of these deeply invested figures were either incompetent, craven or corrupt—or all three. A preponderance might be classified as court panderers. None displayed anything like epistemic humility, as real scientists do. Quite the contrary.

Irrespective of how we define or explain such dubious practices—the human propensity to what we call “evil,” the gutless need to conform, the circulating of mere flannel for monetary gain—fraud is the name of the game. Ironically, several nonprofits are currently being prosecuted for defrauding federal meals programs for poor kids during the pandemic. Hundreds of millions of dollars had been pilfered. Indeed, it has been reported that across the Aid spectrum “at least $500 billion of taxpayer money has been flushed in literally thousands of fraud schemes involving 24 agencies.”

But this is a mere chamber pot issue. The real fraud is the pandemic itself, its planetary reach, its frenzied messaging, its suppression of salient truths, its mandatory antivenins, its censorship rites, the political advantages reaped by the unscrupulous, the cultivated obliviousness of the “experts” and “authorities,” and the vast fortunes amassed by the pharmaceutical outfits and their flimping collaborators at the expense of medical propriety and public trust. As Ken McCarthy warns in his must-read Fauci’s First Fraud, if the public is not informed of the harm done by our medical infatuates and political overlords “we will all continue to be living in an increasingly brutal and remorseless medical dictatorship with outcomes potentially even worse than the present one we’ve just endured.”

Thankfully, there are signs of pushback. Following the lead of Texas, the state of Kansas is suing Pfizer on grounds of “false and misleading marketing.” A recent video featuring Chief Scientific Officer of the Children’s Health Defense and co-author with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Let the Science Speak, Dr. Brian Hooker, and Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee is an alarming exposure of the “sloppy chemistry” and dangerous contaminants in the so-called “vaccines.” Former CDC Director Robert Redfield now admits that lockdowns were “government overreach” and that “immunotoxic vaccines” were aggressively pushed by Big Pharma. His admission comes rather too late to do us much good. People will continue to suffer and worse from the vaccines they eagerly or reluctantly ingested.

Suppressing the truth or continuing to promote a lie are profoundly unethical and counter-productive actions. The question is whether we will be forewarned in time to resist the next medical counterfeit now in the process of being planned by a cabal of impenitent fraudsters. Our lives depend upon it.


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