Adult Conversations

by G. Murphy Donovan (September 2012)

conversation” about the national economy; implying that the political class and the electorate have regressed to a kind of self-destructive economic selfishness. If candor were coconuts; Ryan would be a bag of macaroons. The selection of Paul Ryan is either a stroke of cryptic genius or a poison pill for the Republicans and the Romney campaign.

corruption, a failed school system, and a morbidly obese population that wallows in all manner of urban medical and social pathologies.

loans, a medical marijuana card, and a nose job.

Think about it! That digital, adolescent mushroom in your basement, whose fondest dream is a bigger or better joy stick, gets to vote someday.

So much for the dark side.

generation screwed” pacifists, the Republican team will be pressed to find a reform demographic. Indeed, if demographics were uppermost, Romney might have selected Marco Rubio of Miami. Rubio could have at least brought in Cuban Americans, the state of Florida, and a dozen or two Latino nuns.

pays most of the bills anyway. And yes, oldster (Social Security and Medicare) outlays are first on the reform agenda; but with grandfathering, those tweaks simply become bitter, but necessary pills.

No one should confuse the AARP socialist agenda with senior sentiments. Does this mean tighter belts tomorrow? Of course! But only children whine about what they never had or what is impossible to provide.

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