Beware! Global Jew-Hatred Rising

by Jerry Gordon (September 2013)

Demonizing Israel and the Jews
By Manfred Gerstenfeld
RVP Press  ISBN 978-1-61861-336-3


Anti-Semitism driven by hatred of the Jewish State too often goes unrecognized and unchallenged by European leaders, intellectuals, and the media. That is why this collection of essays is so important.

The SWC ranking of top slurs against Israel puts the Muslim Brotherhood first, followed by the Iranian Islamic regime. However, the SWC ranking of anti-Semitic/anti-Israel slurs has six out of the top ten that originate from Europe.

Attributing intrinsically reduced responsibility to people of certain ethnic or national groups regarding their criminal acts and intentions, even if they are major.

Thus, as he notes:

Israelis are blamed for whatever measures they take to defend themselves. Palestinian responsibility for suicide bombings, murderous missile attacks, glorification of murderers of civilians, and promoting genocide is reduced, at best.

We have selected from among the 57 interviews in Demonizing Israel and the Jews illustrations of virulent anti-Israelism prevalent in European and global anti-Semitism.

Professor Pieter van der Horst former Professor of Jewish studies at Utrecht University and Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences on Ancient Egyptian origins of anti-Semtism:

Andrei S. Markovits, Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies at the University of Michigan on the convergence of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism:

David R. Parsons is media director for the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem on Christian friends and foes:

Professor Hans Jansen, author of Christian Theology after Auschwitz on The Kairos Document and Israel:

Kenneth Levin is a psychiatrist, historian and author of The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People under Siege and a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School on the psychology of Jews who embrace their enemies:

A number of Jews and Israelis embrace criticism coming from anti-Semites and extreme anti-Israelis. . . In the last sixty years, the American Jewish community at large has energetically embraced support for Israel. This has been made easier by the fact that the wider American public has traditionally been sympathetic towards the Jewish State. Those segments of the Jewish community who live and work in environments hostile to Israel, commonly embrace the anti-Israel bias around them. They often insist they are virtuous by doing so.

Elhanan Yakira, Schulman Professor of Philosophy at Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Holocaust denial and Jewish anti-Zionists:

Andrea Levin, executive director of Boston-Based CAMERA on fighting distorted media coverage of Israel:

Media coverage of the Middle East is often distorted. There are no enforceable codes of professional conduct which apply to the media. One can thus obtain change only in two ways. One is through private appeals for accuracy, balance and fair play. The other is through public exposure of journalistic misconduct.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles on anti-Semitism and terrorism on the Internet:

Ronald Eissens is general director and cofounder of the Dutch NGO Magenta foundation and co-founder of the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH):

Nidra Poller, American ex-pat and Paris-based contributor to the New English Review on French anti-Israel bias:

Ilya Meyer, vice chair of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association on Swedish politicians against Israel:

Hanne Nabintu Herland is a Norwegian academic, historian of religion and author of Respect:

Demonizing Israel and the Jews issues an emphatic warning to the World that anti-Israelism is pervasive across the political spectrum in Europe. Intimidated by the burgeoning Muslim presence there it has vaulted global Jew-hatred to a level of concern unimagined just a few years ago.


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