Criminal Cops

by Armando Simón (June 2020)

Deaf Beaten, Nancy Rourke, 2014



There have been a number of instances where a policeman shot and killed an innocent person and the most that has happened to the murderer has been a slap on the wrist, whereas if anyone of us had done the very same thing, we would have gotten life—justifiably so—but because they wore a uniform, they were above the law. However, it appears at this point that the murder of George Floyd will result in justice. The documented evidence is simply undeniable.


case of Castile, that the victim was shot simply for exercising his Second Amendment right. By all accounts, Castile was a good, decent man. Several conservative websites called the acquittal of Yanez an “abomination.”


Take another example: Charles Kinsey. a therapist went after an autistic patient who wandered off from the caretaking facility. Both were surrounded by police. Video shows the autistic man sitting on the sidewalk, playing with a toy. Kinsey lies down on his back on the sidewalk, with his arms up in the air and is urging at the officers not to shoot the patient. And they shoot Kinsey! Three times!


Understandably, considering the past, blacks have concluded that they are being targeted once again and are experiencing déjà vu.


Now, I am not a knee-jerk liberal who thinks blacks can do no wrong and that they are justified in everything that they may do or say, even if it is committing crimes. Nor do I believe that police are all racists. Nor do I have any respect for the Black Lives Matter buffoons and thugs who often use miscarriages of justice as an excuse to break into stores and steal everything in sight, and burn down buildings, as is the case with Floyd’s death.


I am also not one of those knee-jerk conservatives who believes that because a person is wearing a uniform—ANY uniform, whether it is a policeman uniform, an armed forces uniform, a boy scout uniform, or a mailman uniform—then he can do no wrong, and that he must be supported, regardless of the evidence.


Yet, I beg to differ that the above are cases of racism. I know that my argument is counterintuitive and will be either condemned, or altogether ignored, by liberals who do not care for facts. But consider the following cases in Texas: in San Antonio, a policeman shoots and murders an unarmed white college student, while in Victoria another one tasers a senior white citizen (i.e., assaulted) for having an expired inspection sticker on his car. Nothing happened to either policeman. In neither case did 657 journalists from all over the country, along with their camera crews, descend on the locations to cover the storiesfor weeks. It is an absolute certainty that there have been other instances of police criminality all over the country which did not involve blacks but were not overpublicized (I became aware of those two simply because I happened to watch the local news when they were shown on TV—once).


The overemphasis by journalists of incidents involving blacks while simultaneously (and deliberately) ignoring those incidents involving white victims has led to deliberately giving the subject a racial undertone (in short, fake news) and has led to an increase in racial tension and occasional race riots, as in the present instance with Floyd’s death. This, in turn, has been a source of secret delight to some of those journalists. If you do not believe this, note that inflammatory videos of the particular incident were shown on the news hour again and again and again and again and again and again, long after they were news, in order to stoke the flames of hate and resentment. On top of that, they have been known to alter facts and broadcast those lies in order to exacerbate emotions.


I maintain that the matter does not involve racism. Nonetheless, many journalists continue to repeat their mantra: it’s probably racism, it must be racism, it has to be racism, it is racism, it can only be racism. And anyone who disagrees is a racist, must be a racist.


spike in innocent officers being ambushed and killed. As a direct result, last year saw a spike in the murder of innocent policemen/women, the latest being Officer Miosotis Familia (a black policewoman) in New York City, murdered by a black criminal. Not that they give a damn, but liberal journalists have blood on their hands—a lot of blood.


So if it is not racism, what is the problem?


The problem is not just that the media purposely focuses on one thing and not the other. You remember the sadistic, vicious, bullies in high school. If some of these same sociopaths decide to become policemen, it is absurd to believe that simply because they have hours of training on how to make arrests, how to shoot firearms and how to fill out paperwork, and because they don a policeman’s uniform, their personality miraculously changes overnight like magic and they become decent, considerate, self-restrained, human beings. That is just absurd. But it is what conservatives believe.


At least when they were not cops, you could defend yourself (if you had not been intimidated by them beforehand, which was one of their weapons). And if you beat them, there was always the curious occasion that the beating that they got made them change their ways. But if you try to defend yourself from one of these uniformed porkers as they beat you to a pulp, they are just as likely as shoot you dead. And be praised for it.


84% police admit that they have seen colleagues use excessive force on civilians!


The same principle applies in corrections. In prisons, the vast majority of correctional officers are just doing their job. A tiny minority hate convicts—and with very good reasons—but do not behave in a criminal manner. There is also a tiny minority who are themselves criminals, the only difference between them and inmates is the color of their uniforms.


The fact of the matter that every profession, without exception, has the occasional criminal, or if you prefer evil, members, whether you are talking about teachers, soldiers, politicians, businessmen, salesmen, social workers, mechanics, plumbers, mailmen, priests, actors, models, psychologists. Recently, a local nurse who was convicted of murdering a baby many years ago was retried for murdering another (possibly more).


many police forces are so undermanned that they will employ almost anybody as long as they don’t have an official criminal record. Howeverand this is so ironic—many police departments refuse to hire applicants who are too smart (and, no, I am not making this up). The third, obviously, is to hold uniformed offenders accountable for their actions, because as long as sociopathic cops are not held accountable for their actions, they will continue to act the same way. Furthermore, once the community realizes that rogue sociopaths within the force are being held accountable for their action, then they will trust the remainder good cops.


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Armando Simón is a retired forensic psychologist and author of A Prison Mosaic, Samizdat 2020, and Very Peculiar Stories.

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