Dangerous Policy

Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War (Hardcover)

by Moorthy S. Muthuswamy

Prometheus Books
(May 6, 2009) 



Chairman, Stand Up America, US Project) introduced to me a piece of writing authored by a US-based Indian person, named Dr. Moorthy S. Muthuswamy. Reading that article convinced me to alert Gen. Vallely to keep a safe distance from this author. Lately a few of my friends asked me if I had read Dr. Muthuswamy’s latest book “Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War.” Noting the reputable Prometheus Books as its publisher, and in addition, finding that the book pursues the doctrine of Cold War against Islam persuaded me to procure a copy despite my doubts of its author.

The author, like me, hails from India and is now settled in the United States. Nevertheless, much of his analysis pertaining to India is simply unsound. India as a country is portrayed as if it existed from time immemorial. Nowhere is an impression conveyed that India, just like Pakistan, is an artificial country, both by-products of the British Colonialism. Nowhere do we learn the role played by the upper-caste Hindus in thrusting the subcontinent into the hands of Islamic invaders. Nowhere does one get even a hint that the upper-caste Hindus were hand-in-glove with their Islamic brothers in ruling much of the subcontinent for roughly a thousand years and, or that they were instrumental in practicing heinous persecutions against the low castes both before and during the entire course of the Islamic rule. Nowhere do we learn anything about the nature of Hinduism, its political doctrines, and its entrenched caste system designed to keep roughly 85% of its masses in perpetual slavery. Nowhere do we encounter any description depicting the similarities of political Islam to those of political Hinduism.

While mentioning the formation of Pakistan in 1947 at the time of British exodus, and liberally blaming the Muslim populations at every given turn, we learn nothing about the noxious role played by those Hindu leaders under the spell of Modern Hinduism. And I sorely missed reading the nefarious role of Mahatma Gandhi who was dominant in leading those colossal events which led to the formation of Pakistan.

Preferring to bypass the obvious errors in the above paragraph, a question needs to be asked: Why does Muthuswamy resort to committing silly errors? Surprisingly, the answer is simple: A number of his references, including the paragraph in question, come directly from Wikipedia. Relying on Wikipedia certainly undermines his scholarship and should, at the very least, have been checked by the editor.

Let us now examine some of the prescriptions that Dr. Muthuswamy has charted for dealing with threat of political Islam:

Why, for example, would low-caste Hindus (who form the bulk of the Hindu population) acquiesce to this proposal? They, especially the Untouchables, have nothing to gain, but everything to lose. Educated and well-informed Untouchables will tell you pointblank that in their entire history of subjugation lasting thousands of years, they would actually prefer a Muslim master over a Hindu master. The other castes which make up the bulk of the low caste (Sudra) community will have nothing to gain from becoming new Mujahidin-types. Among the non-Hindu Indian community comprising the Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, and Jains, nobody would be interested in joining in this venture because they have no love of the Hindu caste system.

Lastly, we are essentially left with roughly 150 million upper-caste Hindus. Given their personal traits which are unsuited for actual warfare, their long history of supporting Islamic rulers, and the fact that their political and religious worldview is similar to that of Islam, why would these bona-fide Hindus support the West in going against their fellow fascist ideologues? How many of them would even volunteer for guerilla training?

At another build-up scenario, Dr. Muthuswamy publishes four demands (on page 230) which he prescribes for India to use as an ultimatum against the Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He listed them as:

* publicize the documentation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been involved in the indoctrination of the local Muslim community from which terrorist acts originated.

* use this documentation to bring crimes against humanity charges against these nations at the International Criminal Court.

* demand compensation from these nations.

* demand that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or other jihad-sponsoring nations require their leading clerics to tell Indian Muslims to deemphasize Islamic doctrine and to instruct Indian Muslims to stop further armed jihad.



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