David’s Sling: Is It Broken?

by Alexander Maistrovoy (November 2012)

What drove him to such a dramatic conclusion? Is there a real and grave threat to Israel ?

On the other hand, the Arab regimes that are emerging from the remains of the collapsed autocracies are extremely unstable, as in Egypt. In some cases they will not be able to establish a state in any form for a long time, like in Syria.

In a way Israel goes back to antiquity. Like in the Kingdom of David, it stands alone and confronts numerous, but scattered, non-disciplined and feuding enemies.

As a result, with its powerful army and stable economy, the Jewish state, as the Kingdom of David, can maintain its security by playing with the contradictions of its enemies and by engaging in short-term alliances with its neighbors.

In the long run, a fatal threat to Israel may come from the unified Arab world but it is still too far from reaching its dream of the Caliphate.

If getting rid of Mubarak was one of the requirements of the reset process, what will stop them from doing the same with Israel?

*- In the air battles of June 1982 the Syrian air force has lost 84 combat aircraft, Israel has not lost a single plane.

Alexander Maistrovoy is an Israeli journalist.

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