Differential Release Liners

by Carl Nelson (March 2019)

Ambroise Vollard, Paul Cézanne, 1899



(With a thank you to freelance author, Kathy Des Marteau)


How often the most obscure articles*

swing on the same hinges as our lives!

Differential release liners are used as

“anti-adhesives” for the successful assembly

and application of such products as rolls of

tape and window decals, allowing a

proficient transfer of adhesive from

its point of production to its point of use.

Oh, that I could wrap some around my son!


Transporting him safely through a gaggle

of corrupting youths before releasing

him to adhere to a more noble assembly

of future citizenry with laudable goals and

ambitions, and most importantly, frontal lobes

still operant and not addled by alcohol nor drugs.


And then, also to slip him though the many

alluring denizens of inappropriate

heterosexual assignations with

their throw away, aborted or latch-key children,

and then possibly through transient, trans-gender apperceptions

without fear of “adhesive confusion”, with its

compulsory sexual re-assignment surgeries. 


To be finally, with the proper courting

procedures completed, to have his bride to be

remove the paper backing as the vows

are taken—to watch them adhere. (Oh, I blush.)






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Carl Nelson is relishing a smaller existence in a smaller town along the Ohio River after fifteen years in the theater world. As a playwright in pre-opening rehearsals once said, “I’d like to be a carrot in the ground.” Currently, he moseys about while working on The Poets’ Weight Loss Planan interlarding of plan and poems by which has lost 45 pounds. He also runs The Serenity Poetry Series in Vienna, West Virginia. His work is available at: https://www.magicbeanbooks.co/home.html.

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