Do Most Corbynites Hate the Rich?

 By Paul Austin Murphy (June 2018)



Seumas Milne and Shami Chakrabarti are good examples of this).



Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics here because this former Socialist Workers Party member despises the Labour Party at the very same time as simply adoring Jeremy Corbyn.)



Envy, Jealousy and Hate?


So what about envy and jealousy?


vicious and hateful remarks directed at the wealthy and at many others too.


The Top 1%?



There is some dishonesty apparent here.



If you look at the socialist/communist regimes of the 20th century, it was never only the top 1% which got smashed in the face. Vast sections of society did. The Kulaks, for example, were wiped out for being “bourgeois” or “counter-revolutionary.” There were the “NEPmen” who suffered too. Some peasants who had an extra plot of land were even persecuted by the Soviet state or by party functionaries. Finally, under the Khmer Rouge, wearing glasses was seen as being a sign of being “bourgeois” or “rich.”


Even today, Marxists have a problem with all businessmen and owners of capital—very few of whom are in the top 1%. “Socialist equality” is, after all, socialist equality. Not only would the top 1% be wiped out, so would all “class distinctions” . . . or, at least, the class distinctions noted by the middle-class Vanguard Class or by the Socialist State. That means that Party leaders, the rulers of the Socialist State, leftist/Marxist academics, lawyers, and functionaries, etc. would still earn a hell of a lot more than the average worker—as was the case in all socialist/communist states.


Philanthropy and Charity



Thus both philanthropy and charity work against Radical Socialism.


So, instead, what many Corbynites have done with their wealth is send their kids to private schools, employ foreign nannies/cleaners/gardeners, go on many foreign holidays, buy extra cars, perhaps even invest (as Seumas Milne did), etc.


Thus the bottom line is this:



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