Elder’s Wisdom

by Bill Corden (June 2019)

Graham Greene in Antibes, Paul Hogarth, 1985



I struggle with an iPad,

Fight a mobile phone

The kids think that I am old and sad

Than I was back in my prime.

And, like a push-pull mower,

But grass still grows just like it did,

A million years ago.


We eat, we sleep, we die

Not one of us has figured out

The burning question . . . why?


Who can help you make your way

To the final exit door?

Who can guide you day to day

Well, not to toot my trumpet,

Nor to blow my horn . . .

Since long ere you were born.


Turn into nagging shrews . . .

And shapely, curvy, comely asses

That grew and grew and grew . . .


To get you riches plenty.

They can set your future free

But leave your wallet empty.


Nail you to the roughest crosses

Yes sir, thank you, please.


Follow my heart and not my head

But, now, I minimize the harm,

See a person with persistence.



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Bill Corden is a happily retired sports columnist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Now he writes, plays music and makes people laugh.

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