Equality for Muslim Women will be the Death Knell of Islam

by Jake Neuman (April 2013)

Egypt warns giving women some rights could destroy society


The Muslim Brotherhood should be worried. Equal rights for women would not destroy society but Islam.

The United States and all democratic societies have achieved their prosperity by granting women equal rights. It was the Second World War that led to the economic transformation of women. While men from the USA, Canada and Britain marched to war by the millions, women left their homes and marched by the millions into the factories to become machinists, welders, electricians, carpenters, millwrights, plumbers, truck drivers etc. They labored on machines, toiled with wrenches and hammers, saws and screw drivers to manufacture planes and tanks, ships and guns. Without women the victory of democracy over Nazism and the Japanese Empire would have been impossible.

That data correlates quite will with the equality of women in those countries.

In the West today women occupy high positions in all professions.

Today wife-beating is a crime.

In Islam, a married woman is the property of her husband. He is permitted to use violence to control his wife. Wife beating is divinely sanctioned by Allah in the Koran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

Four reasons that sanction men beating their wives:

  • if she refuses to beautify herself for him.
  • if she refuses sex when he asks for it.
  • if she refuses to pray or perform ritual ablutions.
  • if she goes out of the house without a valid reason.

Sharia Law mandates the oppression and subjugation of women:

Women over the age of puberty are not permitted to leave the house without covering the body (except face and hands). Fatwa 667, Part No. 17, Page 142-150

  • Women are not permitted to travel without a spouse or male relative. Fatwa 12139, Part No. 11, Page 38
  • Nearly half Saudi and Egyptian women are beaten up by their husbands or other family members.

    We must fight for the right of all Muslim women to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. To prevent the enslavement of women, Sharia Law must be exposed and stopped. All anti-woman teachings of the Quran and Hadith must be condemned and rejected. The rights of women must be enforced and protected through the Rule of Law and a Constitutional Amendment: Universal Declaration of the Total Equality of Women http://www.islamreform.net/new-page-64.htm

    The battle of establishing the rights of women universally will also act as a key for defeating Islam. All Islamic nations must enact the Constitutional Amendment granting their women total humanity and equality. Those nations that refuse to sign and implement the Amendments will be thrown out of the international community. This means denying visas to the UN delegations of ALL 57 Islamic nations leaving their seats empty until they not only adopt this Constitutional Amendment but enforce it. Those of us, involved in the battle against Islam, must champion the worldwide movement for total and complete equality of ALL women with men. We are not in conflict with Muslims, but with Islamic teachings that Muslim men use to subjugate and denigrate women of their own faith and beyond. We must fight for their equal human rights and dignity. Only in this way will Islam be defeated and condemned to the trash bin of history along with Nazism and Communism.

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