Evening, Winter

by Bibhu Padhi (May 2015)

Between day and night

the sky is softening.


The earth is softening too, as if

a river of dusky, translucent water

had washed it all over.


Bird-calls stroke the hills.


In the kitchen, water drips

from the brass taps

and falls on the floor.


The blowing of conch-shells

invites a quiet night,

free of uninvited guests.


Someone waits to live

through the earth’s last sounds

even as the moon rises late.




Bibhu Padhi’s eighth and ninth books of poetry, Magic Ritual and Brief Seasons: 60 Love Songs, appeared almost back to back earlier this year. His ninth book of poems, Midnightt Diary, is due out late late this month. He lives with his family in Bhubaneswar, India.


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