Hezbollah, Iran, and the Beirut Blast

An Interview with Ken Timmerman,
Author of
The Election Heist

by Jerry Gordon and Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant (September 2020)


Beirut Port Damage


Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back New York Times best-selling author and intrepid Middle East investigative journalist, Ken Timmerman. Timmerman addresses what lies behind the “historic” blast that destroyed Beirut’s port with hundreds dead and missing, 7,000 injured, hundreds of thousands left homeless and violent protests resulting in the fall of the government. We also raise the mounting dangers of Turkey’s Erdogan seeking to regain lost Ottoman Empire lands with him as the new Islamic Caliph. We end with a discussion on a new fast-paced fictional work by Timmerman, The Election Heist. It features a scenario based on his experience as a 2012 Congressional candidate in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District and eight years of his research into electronic and paper ballot electoral insecurity.

The Historic Blast in Beirut

        Timmerman notes that the blast of over 2,750 tons of explosive grade ammonia nitrate stored in Beirut port since 2013 was the largest non-nuclear explosion in history. It was ten times greater than the 1983 US Marines and French Paratroops blasts in Beirut that killed over 300, injuring hundreds that was perpetrated by Hezbollah global terrorist Imad Mughniyeh. It was 1/15th the size of the nuclear bomb exploded over Hiroshima in August 1945 estimated at 20 tons. He accuses Iran and Hezbollah of involvement in triggering the blast. He points out Hezbollah leader’s brother-in-law in control of the port who was not detained, while the hapless senior port official was. Timmerman noted reports that Hezbollah may have siphoned off 3 tons of the ammonia nitrate from the impounded MV Rhosus ship cargo that was found in the UK. Then there was the 2 tons uncovered in Germany, that led to listing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Some of the supply of ammonia nitrate may have provided explosives for IEDs used in terror attacks in Syria and Iraq. A recent Der Spiegel investigative report claims that the MV Rhosus may have been owned by a Cypriot owner with financial connections to Hezbollah.

        Timmerman states the comments by ex-Pentagon national security and Middle East expert, David Wurmser in a Center for Security Policy report drawing attention to three explosions including fireworks and possible rocket motor propellent. Stephen Bryen, former Pentagon Deputy Undersecretary for Technology and Security and Asia Times columnist cited six seismic signatures, in a separate Israel News Talk RadioBeyond the Matrix interview, corresponding to multiple explosions in the Beirut port catastrophe. Timmerman spoke of intelligence community contacts who called the Hezbollah bombers “bozoes” for inserting detonators.

        Sky News reported discovery of a labyrinth of tunnels under the Beirut port following the blast.  Timmerman suggests that Iran supplied German and Austrian made tunnel equipment.  That was used to tunnel under the Israeli border in the 2006 Second Lebanon War, where he was present as a correspondent.  The tunnels found under the Beirut port fits the modus operandi of Iran and Hezbollah and may have been used to manufacture precision rockets and motors.  This he considers “extraordinarily dangerous”.

        Timmerman said the resignation of the current Lebanese government, with exception of President Michel Aoum. He knew Aoum when he was a Free Lebanon leader. Now, Timmerman considers him effectively a “puppet” of the Islamic Republic of Iran. When prompted by Rod Bryant he expressed admiration for the resiliency of the Lebanese people and its diaspora who have withstood these Iran-backed assaults and forced the fall of several governments.

        We discussed the looming verdicts in the UN-backed $700 million trial of several indicted perpetrators of the Valentine’s Day 2005 assassination of the late Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri. Timmerman suggests that truck bombing by Hezbollah had the support by both Assad’s Syria and Iran.

        Timmerman noted that Israel has kept a low profile. The Lebanese Flag that was displayed on the Tel Aviv Municipal building was viewed as showing empathy matched for the victims of the Beirut port blast.  He said Israel only does targeted covert actions with little collateral damage. As an example, he cited the joint CIA-Mossad takeout of Hezbollah terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyeh in a bomb attack on his SUV after attending a celebration at the Iranian Embassy in Damascus in February 2008. Timmerman cited the irony of CIA ‘concerns’ over sparing the life of then Quds Force commander, the late Qassem Soleimani.

Erdogan’s quest for reclaiming “lost Ottoman lands”

        When queried about Turkey’s Erdogan bombing  of Christians, Yazidis and Kurds in Iraq and involvement in  Libya, Timmerman suggest that Erdogan wants to create the “evil of a new Ottoman ‘empire” given his involvement in Israel, Gaza, Syria,  Iraq and Libya. Now Erdogan wants to be the “new Caliph.”

Why Erdogan’s Activities in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean are Dangerous

        Erdogan’s declaration of a Maritime Exclusive Zone in the Eastern Mediterranean cuts across those of Israel and Cyprus blocking offshore gas and oil development and undersea pipelines to supply energy to the EU and international markets. Timmerman said this might require sending a US Carrier Task Force as a brusque answer to force Erdogan’s retreat from Libya.

The Election Heist fictional treatment of a November 2020 election

        Timmerman’s latest novel pits fictional Democratic Governor of Illinois Ms. Cheryl Tomlinson against real life Donald Trump and involves operatives of the Democratic National Campaign Committee backing hackers violating electoral security breaking into electronic voting systems in Maryland, Florida, and beyond. It is a fast-paced depiction of the insecurities of electoral electronic and paper balloting systems currently in use throughout the US.  The scenario begins with the race in the Maryland 8th CD pitting the incumbent Democrat Rep. Hugh McKenzie against Republican first time candidate, Nelson Aguilar, a Hispanic media mogul. There is an Israel-related episode at a press conference in Wheaton, Maryland in the 8th CD when Aguilar, the GOP contender backed by a local Mariachi band attired in red shirts, disrupts a presser by Democrat incumbent McKenzie. Aguilar cannily reveals that he was a reporter in Sderot, Israel during the rocket war in 2008-2009 of Operation Cast Lead. This contrasts with McKenzie’s signing onto a letter condemning Israel for alleged war crimes. There are other moments including Antifa thugs staging a protest in front of Trump Towers that results in the killing of two NYPD officers. Suffice to say, The Election Heist is a techno political thriller that appears to be art preceding possible realities in the coming Trump – Biden matchup. You can find Timmerman’s The Election Heist on Amazon.

What follows is the Israel News Talk Radio—Beyond the Matrix interview with Ken Timmerman.

Rod Bryant: We have a great show lined up for you. A guest that has been on this show several times.

Jerry Gordon: Ken Timmerman is a long-time friend of this program. We have had him on several times. I have known him since 1996. He is a New York Times bestselling author and intrepid investigative journalist. He is spent a month in a PLO prison, in Beirut of all places and that’s what we are going to be talking about today. His latest book is the about hijacking elections. This one concerns the upcoming November 2020 election. It is called The Election Heist. Google that name and you can find the book on Amazon and several other outlets.

Rod Bryant: The interesting thing Jerry, is this is a fictional work. But the research has gone into this book really does point out the vulnerability of our election system and the way it is run. The electronic system and the paper ballot issues. There are some revelations to be had about not only Beirut and the explosion in Beirut, but also election heists.

As promised in the introduction of the show, we have our special guest, we always really appreciate the time. It is a lot of fun to talk to and to banter back and forth with Mr. Ken Timmerman. We have a lot of things to discuss, including the brand-new book that is out called The Election Heist. We were talking about it in the pre-show. And I told you, as much as I bristle at the idea, I am still very disturbed that this is possible, and we can maybe pick this up later on if you want to toward the end of the show, because I most definitely would like to get this book into people’s hands because this whole idea is not just a fantasy you are writing. Even though the book is fiction, it has some profoundly serious overtones. Jerry, go ahead.

Jerry Gordon: The Beirut blast is all about how Iran and its Hezbollah firms have controlled Lebanon for decades. And this latest episode is dangerous because it indicates that, basically, Hezbollah is believing to develop rockets underneath the port of Beirut.

Rod Bryant: This could have a positive turnaround. If the people get a stomach full of this, maybe they could kick Hezbollah and Iran out of Lebanon. We hope anyway.

Jerry Gordon: Ken, there has been a big blast in Beirut, a place you know only too well. And the question is, are our friends—if you want to call them that, Hezbollah—behind this somehow?

Ken Timmerman: I think this enormous blast in Beirut is the largest non-nuclear explosion in history. We used to say that about the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut in October of 1983. Remember, I was there, not when the barracks went up, but the week before and the week afterwards. I was in Lebanon that whole time. We used to say that of the 1983 attack. This is probably 10 times bigger than the Marine barracks blast. 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate. Importantly, it is not the fertilizer grade nitrate, it is the explosive grade ammonium nitrate. This was basically the equivalent of thousands of tons of TNT. Remember, Hiroshima was 20,000 tons of TNT. I think the estimates I have seen; this was about 1/15th the size of Hiroshima. Just think of that for a second and then look at those pictures that you saw of Beirut after the blast. Now, you asked me about Hezbollah. How about Iran? Let us start with Iran. Because, whenever you say Hezbollah, you have got to say Iran, because there is no Hezbollah in Beirut, in Lebanon without Iran

They are symbiotic, they are one and the same. The reports that I have seen suggest several things. Number one, the person who controlled the port in Beirut is the brother-in-law of the Hezbollah leader.  He is the husband of Nasrallah’s sister. He is not the person who was arrested by authorities. That was the titular port director. Nasrallah’s brother-in-law was not arrested.

Number two, there have been persistent rumors of Hezbollah siphoning away several tons of this ammonium nitrate. Three tons were shipped to Britain, intercepted by the British authorities, so they found it, this is not just hearsay. Another two tons sent to Germany in recent years. We know that Hezbollah had identified that ammonium nitrate as a source of explosives for IEDs or terror attacks.

Number three, we know that from our mutual friend, David Wurmser, who used to be at the Pentagon, who published this extraordinary, detailed report for The Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney’s and Fred Fleitz’s think tank in Washington. We now know that there were three separate explosions. You can see it when you view the video, but you must piece it together. David has done an exceptionally good analysis of that. The first one looks like it could be fireworks or maybe bomb makers who screwed something up. The second one sounds like rocket motors going off, and then the third huge one that goes off.

Now, my friends who are still involved with the intelligence community, who talk to their colleagues and former colleagues in countries around the world, including some in the Middle East and some in Europe, called what happened “The Bozo Factor.” They are the Hezbollah bomb makers who basically inserted the detonator of the bomb there where they should not have put it. The rest is tragedy.

Rod Bryant: We are very aware of how they have blown themselves up doing an ordinance class. We know it is very possible what they did here was not intended, but it could have some positive outcomes or could not. The people of Lebanon are painfully aware of what Iran has done to their country through Hezbollah.

Ken Timmerman: Yes, that is right. There have been these enormous demonstrations in Beirut. They have been calling for the resignation of General Aoun. Now, this is interesting. I used to be good friends with General Aoun, I had him to my house in Washington DC, before he went back to Lebanon—when he still represented Free Lebanon—a Lebanon free of Syrian influence. Now that he has become president, that is all over. He is the puppet of the Islamic State of Iran, alas, and he is working together with Hezbollah.

The street protests now are calling for an international investigation of Hezbollah’s involvement in this blast. What were they doing in the port area? What were they doing in warehouses 19 and 12 where the explosions took place? Of course, the government is resisting that big time.

Rod Bryant: Do you think there is any possibility that Lebanon could ever rise from the rubble and become a normal country again?

Ken Timmerman: The conditions for that happening are so many. I believe in the Lebanese people. I believe in the genius of the Lebanese people.

I know too many Lebanese; they are indeed amazing people. They go all over the world, they leave their country with nothing in their pockets and they rise like a phoenix and become the wealthiest person here, the wealthiest person there. They have extraordinary talents and capabilities. What is so extraordinary and paradoxical is that Lebanon still exists. It is extraordinary that the Iranians have been so powerful that they have been able to keep it down.

Jerry Gordon: Can Israel breathe a sigh of relief at this Bozo explosion in Beirut?

Ken Timmerman: If I were Israel’s leaders, I would be doing exactly what I believe they are doing, which is taking an exceptionally low profile. This had nothing to do with Israel. We have sympathy for the people of Lebanon. Israel lit up the Tel Aviv Municipal Building with the Lebanese flag. That got a lot of attention around the Muslim world in the Middle East. Israel, I think has done this right. They have offered to fly aid into Beirut to help the people who have been affected and their families. I would not expect any gloating from Israel, and I have not seen any. That is exactly the right tone to take. No sigh of relief, but empathy for the victims, which is what they have been showing.

Rod Bryant: Something that Jerry and I chatted about before you came on, was the reason why I know distinctively, Israel would not do this, is the collateral damage would have kept them from doing that.

Ken Timmerman:  Absolutely. This has no hallmarks of an Israeli operation. Let me tell you the hallmarks of an Israeli operation. Witness, the killing of Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus. He was the head of Hezbollah’s military wing. He was also involved in 9/11, as liaison for Iran with Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. He was killed with explosives in the headrest of his 4X4, and they had him in their gun sights a week or two earlier. That was along with somebody else, that CIA part of the operation said, “Oh no, no. You cannot do it. You can’t do it.” The Israelis said, “Well, it’s only Qassem Soleimani.” That would have been a twofer.

Rod Bryant: That would have been a bonus round.

Ken Timmerman: It would have been a bonus round, but the CIA said, “No, no, no, we want to keep Qassem Soleimani alive.” Now, this was at the end of Bush. But the CIA was still engaged in operations that one questions today.

Jerry Gordon: Ken, didn’t that bombing occur on the celebration of the anniversary of the Revolution at the Iranian embassy in Damascus?

Ken Timmerman: I believe that is correct. It happened on the third anniversary, I think, of Hariri’s assassination in 2005, if I remember correctly.

Jerry Gordon: I we ought to bring up Hariri because there has been a movement afoot to perhaps release this August the indictments against shadowy figures involved with his assassination back in 2005.

Ken Timmerman: Right, that is correct.

Jerry Gordon: Ken, Sky News reported today the unveiling of a labyrinth of tunnels in the port in Beirut. What do you think was going on there?

Ken Timmerman: Yes, underneath the port. Hezbollah ha a long track record of tunneling. They have learned this from the Iranians. They have received equipment from the Iranians. It originally came from Austria and Germany, these tunneling machines. They have used them to tunnel underneath the Israeli border. That was one of the things that set off the 2006 war when I was on the frontlines with the IDF in Northern Israel. They had tunneled across the border and kidnapped soldiers. It is not a surprise that they would have tunneled under the Port of Beirut. My guess is this was how they were getting explosives out to use for IEDs. They may have been receiving rocket motors because some of the reports David Wurmser mentioned, they brought back rockets from Syria into Lebanon, and hidden them away in the port in ways that the Israelis could not track them. That would suggest that they brought them into tunnels very quickly.  I think those are credible reports, they fit the MO of Hezbollah and the Iranians.

Rod Bryant: There are also indications of extensive manufacturing going on with these weapons and explosives, correct?

Ken Timmerman: Yes, I think that is accurate as well. It never should have happened. This was extraordinarily dangerous, given the 2, 750 ton of explosives sitting in that warehouse in the hot sun, the baking sun, for how many years for nearly six or seven years. I mean, it is outrageous!

Rod Bryant: What’s surprising is that it did not explode years ago.

Ken Timmerman: Well, there you go. It is surprising it did not explode years ago.

Rod Bryant:  Right. It is fortunate that the Lebanese people, as we have said earlier, are an amazing, resilient people. I am amazed that they have continued to allow their government to exercise such disregard for the people and the citizenry. It is really a sad situation.

Ken Timmerman: Rod, it is not a mystery when the Lebanese people rise, and they have risen several times: the Cedar Revolution in 2005; again, this past year. Guess what happened? It is Hezbollah and the Iranian thugs that crack down on them, assassinate people, murder people, take them off the streets.  So, it is not a surprise. The Iranians do the same thing in their own country, which is why the Iranian people have been frustrated every time they rise, and they have risen multiple times over the past decade. It is extreme violence used by dictatorial forces that has put down these popular revolutions.

Jerry Gordon: Ken, we mentioned the Valentine’s Day Massacre back in 2005, with then Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. In the news is a looming set of possible verdicts out of a 700-million-dollar UN-sponsored trial. What do you expect out from that?

Ken Timmerman: Well, we have known about the indictments for quite some time. I happened to know one of the people who was involved in the investigation of this and it is clear: Hezbollah carried out this assassination at the behest of the Syrian government, as well as the Iranian government. They had assistance from both at the time, in 2005. And everybody knows. People have long suspected that this was the case. I can remember in one of my trips to Lebanon—it must have been ’08 or ’09. I arrived the day after at the airport, the day after a prominent Lebanese security official—I believe he was the captain in charge of the investigation for military intelligence—was whacked by Hezbollah on the road from the airport, along with an agent from Middle East Airways. I had to go there undercover using another name. The person who was picking me up had a sign, “Mr. Davidoff.” It was Davidoff. “Maybe I’ll get past some of the goons,” I thought. I was just lucky enough. I went through customs. It is usually not the Hezbollah customs official you have to worry about. I was luckily taken in by Christians at the customs office, probably the last time there was a Christian officer at customs and border patrol in the Beirut Airport. Otherwise, I would not be here talking to you today.

Jerry Gordon: Turning to Turkey in the Middle East. How nefarious is their bombing of Christians, Yazidis and Kurds in Northern Iraq and further west in the Mediterranean, what are they doing in Libya?

Ken Timmerman: Yes. Erdogan has a great ambition to become the Caliph. He wants to restructure; I do not want to say resurrect because it is using a word which has a positive connotation in my mind. He wants to recreate the evil of the Islamic Caliphate, which was disbanded by Atatürk in 1924, and as everybody should remember then spawned the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 with the mission of recreating the Caliphate and has  been doing it ever since. Erdogan wants to recreate the Caliphate, he wants to be Caliph.

Bit by bit he has been exercising his influence in what were former Ottoman territories. That is why you see him getting very much involved in Israel, in Gaza with the Palestinian, former Ottoman territories. You see him involved in Syria . . . Syria was very much a former Ottoman territory. It was through Syria that the Turks, between 1915 and 1919, made forced deportations through Deir Ezzor, of Armenian Christians, the Greeks, and the Assyrian Christians. They would take them from Northern Iraq and from Turkey and put them in these caravans where Kurds would go prey on the women and children and grandparents who were in the caravans. Those areas were all part of the Ottoman empire and Erdogan is trying to recreate it.

Now in Libya, he has a specific goal, which I am astonished that any large power has allowed him to get away with. He has declared a maritime exclusion zone between Turkey which cuts directly across the export lines of Israeli gas. The Israelis are building pipelines from Leviathan from Tamar, the gas field offshore Israel through Cyprus so they can export gas to Europe. Turkey is saying, “Uh-uh, no, no, those are our Maritime Exclusion Zones in Turkish territorial waters.” Well, no it is not. Nobody recognizes that. United Nations does not recognize that, the US does not recognize that. For the time being, they are getting away with it. They have blocked recent drilling, off Israel’s coast. This is a huge power play by Erdogan. We should not be letting him get away with it. I understand that Donald Trump does not want to get us entangled in unnecessary foreign wars. He believes that we should be rebuilding this country. Lord knows there is a lot to do right now to get back to the economy that we had before the China virus came, the China plague came and infected this country. Nevertheless, every now and then, a US aircraft carrier, 80,000 tons of diplomacy, works wonders. It would be great to see one of those carriers off the coast of Libya today.

Rod Bryant: Yes, I am glad you said that because as I was thinking, there are a lot of other options beside war that could very well work. However, it just seems the world community has their arms folded saying, “He’s just a crazy old man and it’ll go away, it’s a fantasy he’s trying to fulfill, and it’ll be over with soon.” It is a big concern when you start thinking of his expansion.

Ken Timmerman: Yes, I think from Donald Trump’s point of view, Libya is such a failed state, there is nothing to defend. General Haftar is being supported by the Russians. Now, can you imagine what the Democrats are going to say if we went and supported General Haftar, who by the way—people forget this—he is an American citizen!

Rod Bryant: Oh, I did not know that.

Ken Timmerman: General Haftar lived in Virginia for something like 20 years.

Rod Bryant: I had no idea of that.

Ken Timmerman: Absolutely.

Jerry Gordon: Not only that, but he was also a CIA operative.

Ken Timmerman: Yes, this is what is rumored, Jerry. I cannot confirm or deny.

Rod Bryant: Let us turn to the most important matter that we want to discuss. That we did not think as of a few months ago there could ever be possibility that the election could be heisted, could be rigged, or could cause a problem with our electoral system. You have written an interesting fiction, The Election Heist and all the characters in the book are fictional characters.

Ken Timmerman: Right.

Rod Bryant: Your research is not fiction, as you have done actual research. What can you tell us about the book, and why do you think that everybody should get a hold of this book and read it?

Ken Timmerman: Just to start with, if you are worried about the November election, get this book. It is like body armor. This is what is going to prepare you for what could happen, and I believe, what will happen unless enough people understand the risks and the vulnerabilities and understand the playbook of the Democrats. We are now in a situation where the Democrats are openly saying, “Whatever it takes. We are going to win in 2020. Whatever it takes, we must do it, we cannot imagine four more years of Donald Trump.” And they will do whatever it takes. In my book, which by the way, I delivered to the publisher the early draft in November. Okay? In the book, I have got scenes of Antifa going down Fifth Avenue, smashing Trump Tower, and killing two cops. Alright, that happened six months, seven months after I wrote them in the book.

Rod Bryant:  I just hope they are not using that as a playbook.

Ken Timmerman: Well, no.  The book was not released at that point. Now number one and number two: the idea of a playbook. I guarantee you, there are no secrets from the Democrats who are working on election security, they know all about this. Unfortunately, our side is not very well-prepared, so I wrote this book so people would be prepared. Forewarned is forearmed. This is your body armor for November. You have got to understand what the threats are, and plus you are going to have just a great time reading the book. It is a hell of a good read. Right, Jerry? How fast did you read the book?

Jerry Gordon: It is superb. This is the fastest read of all the fiction works I have seen you produce. I can sit down for four hours and go through 210 pages and been blown away.

Ken Timmerman: I had a lot of fun writing the book too. The impetus for the book, I was a Republican nominee for Congress in Maryland in 2012. And yes, some of the scenes in the book take place in that congressional district, which of course I know like the back of my hand.  The places where debates happen, the places where different meetings happen, where my main character, who’s a wealthy Hispanic media star—the Republican nominee for Congress in that district against an entrenched Democrat, who has always won his elections without breaking a sweat, because he had all these lobbies behind him, and because it was a Democrat district. Finally, he is being challenged. One of the scenes early in the book is when they are at a local fair in Wheaton, Maryland, which I call the barrio. It is the heart of Hispanic immigrant area in Montgomery County, close to Washington DC. Hugh McKenzie, the congressman is there. He said, “Okay, I guess I got to get up here and give my little speech. Yes, how wonderful is our diversity.” As he is going, as he is going, he hears this funny sound out in the distance. It sounds like a mariachi band or something that is waving towards him and he sees this wave at the back of the tent. There is this giant tent. He can’t figure what it is, and so he goes on and plods along in his dull little speech, and finally he sees what it is, and it’s his opponent, Nelson Aguilar with the mariachi band, and they’ve all got these red shirts on and Aguilar is there in a beautiful suit, and he said, “And the guy is not even breaking a sweat and it’s August. I’d better get out of here before I embarrass myself.” And his campaign manager says, “Yeah, you already have.” It is a lot of fun.

Jerry Gordon:  One of the episodes in the book that is pretty telling, is the exchange with several media reporters, and revelations that the Republican candidate was in Sderot in Israel during a rocket war conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Ken Timmerman: Right.

Jerry Gordon: The Congressman he is opposing who signed off on some of the most anti-Israel declarations imaginable.

Ken Timmerman: And claims that he is in a Jewish district and the Jews support him, right?

Jerry Gordon: Yes, that is correct. And the Rabbi supports him.

Ken Timmerman: There is a scene in the debate and the Congressman cannot understand his opponent. The Republican is going overtime, and he said, “Oh well, I’m telling the story. Do you want to hear the rest of the story?” And everybody says, “Yes, yes, we want to hear the rest of the story about Sderot and the battle scenes,” because he was a war correspondent as well for TV. He was a TV star. He is telling this story 20 seconds before the end of his time, he says, “And while I was there, there were some people who were accusing Israel of war crime, such as my opponent. Perhaps in his time he’d like to explain to you why he accused Israel of war crimes.” It is kind of funny. It is a lot of fun. There are fun scenes. I think people are going to enjoy reading the book, as well as learning all about the Democrat’s playbook to steal the election.

Rod Bryant: So again, I have an important question to ask. You have done some research. Obviously, you did research into the viability of something like this happening. I know that a lot of people are kvetching and complaining that “Oh, we don’t want paper ballots because they could be modified, etcetera, etcetera.” Some corruption could happen with it. But it is more than just paper ballots. We are talking about the whole electronic system.

Ken Timmerman: Well, so I have done about eight years of research. In my own election in 2012, we encountered the old electronic touch screen machines. People would vote Romney and it would turn out Obama. Go back to the election, “Wait a minute, I voted Romney and it shows Obama. Oh well, let us reset it and try it again.” Votes Romney, it gets to Obama. And this happened again and again and again. And there were many other problems with those electronic voting machines. Well, once I started to investigate that, it turns out that the default, the vulnerability to those machines had been known for over a decade before I ran for Congress in 2012. And they are still being used across the United States, some as the main voting system. But in Florida, for example, which has gone to paper ballots, and I spent a lot of time recently with some of our Supervisors of Elections here looking into how the system works now, but Florida still uses them for disabled voters or people who cannot read. They will speak the ballot to them in Spanish or something else.

Ken Timmerman: Those systems still exist with all the vulnerabilities they had then. The big revelation in The Election Heist is the vulnerability of paper ballots. Now it’s a bit different from what you were saying Rod, people have actually wanted to move to paper ballots thinking that it is more secure because if you ever happen to have a recount, you have the ballots and you can recount them. That is the idea. You can physically recount the ballots. What I discovered in my research is that the ballots, in fact, are never physically counted. What happens is, you put your ballot into a scanner which creates a ballot image, a PDF file. It is the ballot image that is then counted. Part of the plot of The Election Heist is how the other side infiltrates behind the VPN, behind the air gapped machines and all these high-tech security features that the Supervisors of Elections are priding themselves on having set up. And yet, the other side infiltrates all that, inserts a software bomb and basically flips the switch. I call it “the secret switch.” They flip the switch and change the votes. So instead of Trump plus three, it is Biden plus four.

Jerry Gordon: Isn’t there a false flag operation that I read about in this scenario?

Ken Timmerman: There are many kinds of operations. I have used many different versions of voter fraud. You are going to learn about absentee voter fraud, about ballot harvesting, which are big things now in the news. Those exist. You are going to see how Antifa is used by the Democrats as part of their playbook to cause chaos and confusion. There is a play-by-play of election night, which is tremendous. Really a lot of fun to read because you really feel like you are there. And they do not know which way it is going. Is he going to get Pennsylvania? Is he not going to get Pennsylvania? Oh my God, where is Michigan going? Florida? Of course, it all comes down to Florida in the end. The Florida recount goes on for a couple of weeks. I have gone into the election laws and seeing just how far they can push it. The Democrats in the book try to create so much chaos that they must certify the fake results from election night. You will read how we just managed to get out of that by the skin of our teeth, and I am not going to tell you the end.

Rod Bryant: We do not want any spoilers.

Ken Timmerman: I am not going to give you the spoiler. However, there was a false flag. I do not want to go into detail there because that is a spoiler alert. The false flag is how they get into the election database and how they insert the software. I have run this by a lot of computer experts, several hackers, people even in government who explain to me this is the way that they could do it.

Rod Bryant: If you want to get this book, and you should, you can go to kentimmerman.com, one word.

Ken Timmerman: Just google The Election Heist and you will find the book at Amazon.

Rod Bryant: Excellent, and until next week at the same time, we will chat with you later. Take care, God bless, and have a wonderful day.

Jerry Gordon: Shalom.

Listen to the Israel News Talk Radio—Beyond the Matrix interview with Ken Timmerman.

Watch the Israel News Talk Radio—Beyond the Matrix on this Netiv-Online YouTube video.

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Jerome B Gordon is a Senior Vice President of the New English Review, author of The West Speaks, NER Press 2012, and co-author of Genocide in Sudan: Caliphate Threatens Africa and the World, JAD Publishing, 2017. Mr. Gordon is a former US Army intelligence officer who served during the Viet Nam era. He is producer and co-host of Israel News Talk Radio—Beyond the Matrix. He was the co-host and co-producer of weekly The Lisa Benson Show for National Security that aired out of KKNT960 in Phoenix Arizona from 2013 to 2016 and co-host and co-producer of the Middle East Round Table periodic series on 1330amWEBY, Northwest Florida Talk Radio, Pensacola, Florida from 2007 to 2017.


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