Israel, Iran, Washington, Fort Hood and the 9/11 Plotters Trial

An international round table discussion

by Jerry Gordon and Michael Bates with Dan Diker and Jon Schanzer (December 2009)





















 And we have another guest in the studio which Jerry Gordon smuggled in and that is the prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him. Sitting to my left is an image of the prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him. Fortunately, he is not wearing an explosive vest; however he does have a bomb on his head. What is the story with that Jerry?





Gordon: Dan, Do you have a final comment?

Diker: Yes, I believe what the Obama Administration is doing in the 9/11 plotters case is dangerous. It is effectively criminalizing terrorism. Military tribunals were already prepared to hear the matter and render judgment. Now, we may provide useful intelligence to the Jihadists and witness a show trial for Khaled Sheik Mohammed and the others accused.

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