Issues for 112th Congress: Sharia, Energy Independence, National Security and Immigration Reform

by Jerry Gordon with George Abraham (December 2010)

What follows is an excerpt of the discussion between Gordon and Abraham.

Abraham:  We are extremely fortunate to have Mr. Jerry Gordon on today. This is News Talk 1490 WVBG in Vicksburg, Mississippi. You can reach us on the internet at News Talk 1490.net. I've had a chance to screen Gordon and if you Google him and the New English Review, you will find this on-line publication is contributed to by over 40 authors, including Gordon.

Abraham:  Yes we did, under Jimmy Carter.

Mapping Sharia Project of the Center for Security Policy.

French technology as it turns out, for recycling those spent rods that could be used against us by terrorists.

Muslim Brotherhood as Senior Officers in the Department of Homeland Security. Those are things that have to be done and they have to be done as soon as Congress is formed in January.

New English Review. It is a true scholarly on-line journal.


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