James LePore

Utopia, Inc. (December 2018)
Till We Have Faces (November 2018)
The Abnormal Life Coach (September 2018)
Dragonfly Spirit (August 2018)
Hanging by a Thread (July 2018)
The Gift of the Blind Man (June 2018)
Talons in the Heart (May 2018)
Bar Girls (April 2018)
Kon Tiki Motel and Cottages (March 2018)

The Man Who Bought Things in Threes (February 2018)

Kitsune (January 2018)

Zone Seven (December 2016)

Man-Killers (November 2016)

The Suprasternal Notch (September 2016)

The Hotel of Other-Worldly Delights (August 2016)

Gotham City, Zone III, 2085 (July 2016)