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Israel Leads in Drone Development: Discussion with Stephen Bryen (August 2021)
Today in France (June 2021)
The Legacy of Idriss Déby (May 2021)
Turkey’s War Against the Kurds (April 2021)
Will the New Administration Defend Tiawan? With Stephen Bryen (March 2021)
Sudan Crisis: West Darfur Massacre and the Risk of War (February 2021)
The Truth is No Defense: Interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch (December 2020)
French Teacher Beheaded: Islamic Terror Returns to France (November 2020)
The Movement for Black Lives vs. American Blacks for Solidarity with Israel (September 2020)
Hezbollah, Iran, and the Beirut Blast (September 2020)
Iran’s Nuclear Program Under Intense Pressure (August 2020)
Why the Kurds are America’s Ally Despite U.S. Withdrawal (August 2020)
Biblical Archaeology and the Holy Land (August 2020)
The Anti-American Intifada Behind U.S. Protests (July 2020)
China’s $1.6 Trillion Defaulted Debt (June 2020)
The Coronavirus Conundrum (May 2020)
Covid-19, Iran, and the Middle East (April 2020)
Why We Didn’t Bomb Auschwitz: A BBC/PBS Whitewash (March 2020)
A Strong Warning from an Auschwitz Survivor (March 2020)
Israelophobia and the Spike in Global Anti-Semitism (February 2020)
Iran Involved in 9/11: The Links Courtcase (January 2020)
Failing to Confront Iran (December 2019)
Rouhani, Erdogan and Putin—Masters of Geopolitics (November 2019)
9/11, Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda—Defeating Contemporary Amalekites (October 2019)
The Jews Should Keep Quiet (October 2019)
Germany, Iran, and Hezbollah—with Ben Weinthal (September 2019)

Advanced IA Systems and Ilhan Omar—with Yaacov Apelbaum (September 2019)
Can Netanyahu Win Israel’s Historic Do-Over Election and Form a Ruling Coalition? (August 2019)
Bahrain Conference Prioritizes Iran Threat Over Palestinian Grievances (August 2019)
Did Defector Intel Change Change Trump’s Iran Strategy? With Ken Timmerman (May 2019)

No Friends but the Mountains: An Interview with Diliman Abdulkader (May 2019)
Why Was Netanyahu Elected to an Unprecedented Fifth Term?
(May 2019)
The Monstrous Evil that is Sudan’s Bashir: Killing One-Third to Rule Two-Thirds (May 2019)
ISIS Caliphate Falls, but Could There be a Second War in Syria? (April 2019)
Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Abandon Syrian Kurdistan (March 2019)
The Shadow Army Behind Bashir’s Genocide in Sudan (February 2019)
Bashir Visits Assad in Damascus (January 2019)
Sudan’s Bashir Opens “Gateway for Russia” and Jihad in Africa (December 2018)
Kristallnacht and FDR’s Failure to Act (December 2018)
Federated Palestine Sovereign Entity as a Pathway to Peace (November 2018)
Winston Churchill and Jews as ‘The Best Demons’ (November 2018)
The Secrets of Iran’s Links to 911 (with Rod Bryant) (October 2018)
Beyond the Matrix: Political Activist, Phyllis Chesler (with Rod Bryant) (October 2018)

Dan Diker on ‘The Israeli-Palestinian Path to Peace through Economic Prosperity’ (September 2018)
Israel, Iran, Syria, and Europe: Interview with Shoshana Bryen of the Jewish Policy Center (August 2018)
ISIS Begins: A Discussion with Author Ken Timmerman (August 2018)
Sander Gerber: Evidence of PA Financial Support for Terror (July 2018)

Hydra Warfare by Iran and Hamas in Gaza (June 2018)
Russia, Iran, Turkey in Syria: A Round Table Discussion with Daniel Diker or JCPA (April 2018)
Defeating Denormalization of Israel (April 2018)
Why Syrian Kurdistan Matters (March 2018)

Protests Erupt in Sudan Creating Bashir Government Crisis (February 2018)

Protests in Iran and Erdogan’s War Against the Kurds in Syria (February 2018)

Follow the Money (January 2018)

Why Iran’s Shia Land Bridge Threatens Israel (January 2018)

Does Sudan Deserve to have US Sanctions Lifted? (October 2017)

The Geo-Politics of the Temple Mount Crisis: an interview with Seth Frantzman  (with Mike Bates) (September 2017)
Sudan Regime Rampages Against Darfur (with General Lt. Akabar Abdallah and Deborah Martin) (August 2107)

Holy Terror: an Interview with Ibn Warraq (July 2017)

Mid East Issues Facing the Trump Administration: a discussion with Shoshana Bryen (December 2016)

SITREP: Could Sudan be the Cornerstone of the Caliphate in Africa? (December 2016)

Only Regime Change Can Stop Sudan’s Genocide (November 2016)

Will the Islamic State be Destroyed or Self-Destruct? (November 2016)

Connecting the Dots: The Feast of Tishri, Sukkoth and Thanksgiving (October 2016)

Protecting our Borders from Terrorists? (October 2016)

Do You get Tsurus from Soros Aiding Refugees and Migrants? (October 2016)

False Prophets Disarmed at a Vanderbilt University Presentation (October 2016)

15 Years after 9-11: Has the Islamic Terror Threat Worsened? (September 2016)

What is Behind Erdogan’s Purge? (September 2016)

Why are Turkey and Israel Reconciling? (September 2016)

Who is Erdogan Fighting in Syria? (September 2016)

Deception: The Making of the You Tube Video Hillary and Obama Blamed for Benghazi (August 2016)

See Something; Say Nothing: An Interview with DHS Whistleblower, Phillip Haney (August 2016)
Erdogan’s Faux Coup (July 2016)

Why We Can’t Connect the Dots to Prevent Jihad Attacks (July 2016)

Latest North Korean Missiles Tests Raise Questions about Missile Defense (July 2016)

Is “Never Again” Happening Again? (May 2016)

Have Sanctions Stopped Joint Iran – North Korea Nuclear ICBM Development? (May 2016)

“Freedom is Precious and Fragile”: a review of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War by Dr. Sebastian Gorka (April 2016)

Does ISIS Possess Saddam Hussein’s WMDs? an interview with Ken Timmerman (April 2016)

Lars Hedegaard: Free Speech Warrior Fighting the Islamization of Europe (April 2016)

Stand Up and Fight Islamization of the West: an interview with Paul L. Weston of Liberty GB (April 2016)

Erdogan’s War Against Democracy in Turkey: Interview with Mehmet Yuksel of HDP (March 2016)

Can Our Ballistic Missile Defense System Shield Us from Rogue Regime ICBMs? (March 2016)

Counterterrorism Impasse: a discussion with Col. Richard E. Kemp (ret.) CBE and Dr. Sebastian Gorka (February 2016)

Russian Intervention in Middle East Conflicts (February 2016)

Could the North Korean Nuclear Test be a Game Changer for Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program? (January 2016)

Watchdog on Washington Corruption: an interview with Christopher Farrell of Judicial Watch (January 2016)

The ISIS Chemical Biological Threat to the West: a discussion with Dr. Jill Bellamy (January 2016)

Is it Safe to Fly? (December 2015)

“No War Against ISIS Without the Kurds”: an interview with US Army Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ernie Audino (December 2015)

Putin’s Great Game in the Middle East and Eastern Europe: an interview with Dr. Michael Rubin (November 2015)

Iraqi Christians Face Extinction: an interview with Joseph T. Kassab (November 2015)

Can States Prevent Release of Iran Sanctions through Federal Litigation? (October 2015)

The Battle for Hoehns Road: Property Rights versus Muslim Supremacy (Spetember 2015)

Denouement Looms for Congressional Action on the Iran Nuclear Pact (Spetember 2015)

Enigmatic Lebanon (September 2015)

An Israeli Defender of Threatened Minorities in the Muslim Middle East (September 2015)

Balagan Revisited: 10 Years After the Gaza Withdrawal (August 2015)

How Best to Overturn the Iran Nuclear Pact (August 2015)

Will Erdogan’s Turkey Frustrate Kurdish Recognition in the War Against ISIS? (August 2015)

The Iran Nuclear Deal: A Pandora’s Box (August 2015)

Rising European Anti-Israelism: an interview with Manfred Gerstenfeld (July 2015)

Empowering Kurdistan (July 2015)

The War of a Million Cuts (June 2015)

Trojan Horse Federal Refugee Program Brings Jihadi Threat to America: An Interview with Ann Corcoran (June 2015)

How One Southern California Jewish Federation Undermines Student Zionism at a State University (June 2015)

ISIS Threat to America: an Interview with Erick Stakelbeck (May 2015)

Stemming the Surge of Deadly Illegal Migration Across the Mediterranean (May 2015)

Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide and the Polish Jew Who Criminalized It (May 2015)

Is the P5+1 Nuclear Deal with Iran a Case of Buyers Regret? An Interview with Dr. Michael Rubin (April 2015)

Obama’s War on Israel (with Ilana Freedman) (April 2015)

The Caliphate Triumphant (April 2015)

The Islamic State Caliphate is Pure Islam (April 2015)

Israel Facing a Perfect Storm (March 2015)

Did President Obama’s Violent Extremism Conference Fail? (March 2015)

Egypt Under Al-Sisi: An Interview with Raymond Stock (February 2015)

Exposing A Radical Jihad Training Network in America: an interview with Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project (February 2015)

The Golan Ablaze: Are Hezbollah and Iran Behind It? with Ilana Freedman (February 2015)

A Proposed Agenda for Congress in 2015 to Defend America and its Ally Israel (January 2015)

China’s Islamic Separatist Threat: An Interview with Dr. Harold Rhode (January 2015)

What Was “Mentally Unstable” About the Perpetrator of the Sydney Lindt Café Terror Attack? – An Interview with Dr. Michael Welner (January 2015)

Could Israel Lose the Energy Prize in the Eastern Mediterranean? (January 2015)
Benghazi Select Committee Hearing: “Why Were We There?” (December 2014)

Is Erdogan’s Turkey an Emerging State Sponsor of Terrorism? (December 2014)

Death in Benghazi – Part 4: Is The House Intelligence Committee Benghazi Report a “Whitewash”? (December 2014)

On the Re-Issue of The New Antisemitism: an Interview with Dr. Phyllis Chesler (December 2014)

Lone Wolf Jihadis on Both Sides of Our Northern Border (November 2014)

Fighting Social Media Jihad: An Interview with Joseph Shahda (November 2014)

Prison Conversions and American Muslim Leadership: An Interview with Dr. Michael Welner (October 2014)

Death in Benghazi, Part 3: the Web of Deception; an Interview with Ken Timmerman (October 2014)

The War against ISIS, Syrian Opposition and Middle East Christians: A Discussion with M. Zuhdi Jasser, Walid Phares, John Hajjar (October 2014)

Has the Third Gaza War Between Israel and Hamas Ended? (September 2014)

Did Assad and Maliki Facilitate the Rise of the Islamic State? An Interview with M. Zuhdi Jasser and Sherkoh Abbas (September 2014)

A Survivor of 9/11: An Interview with Deborah Weiss, Esq.(September 2014)

Insecure Borders and Broken Immigration Laws: A Discussion with Chris Farrell and Mark Krikorian (September 2014)

Israel’s War with Hamas 2014: Part III—The Social Media Battle (August 2014)

Israel’s War with Hamas 2014: Part II—The Gaza Tunnel Threat (August 2014)

Israel’s War with Hamas 2014: Part I—The Prelude (August 2014)

The Growing Shadow of ISIS (July 2014)

Death in Benghazi, Part I: The Attack (July 2014)

Death in Benghazi, Part II: Will the House Select Committee Find the Truth? (July 2014)

Exposing Hamas’ Kidnapping Strategy: an Interview with Dan Diker (July 2014)

Yasmeen’s Law: A Victory in Florida for Human Rights (June 2014)

The Future of the Babylonian Jewish Archives: Interview with Dr. Harold Rhode (June 2014)

Global Persecution of Christians: An International Round Table Discussion (June 2014)

CAIR and Lawfare: an Interview with Brooke Goldstein (May 2014)

Stalemate in the Middle East? (April 2014)

Geert Wilders Once Again Endures a Firestorm of Criticism (April 2014)

Engagement is Folly (March 2014)

An American Child Kidnapped in Accordance with Shariah (March 2014)

The Peril of Engaging Rogue States: An Interview with Dr. Michael Rubin (March 2014)

Minneapolis Fire Investigation Reveals Money Launderer for Al Shabaab (March 2014)

Has Iran Developed Nuclear Weapons in North Korea? (March 2014)

Is there a Future for French Jews? An Interview with Michel Gurfinkiel (February 2014)

The Rise of Erdogan’s Islamist Tyranny (February 2014)

Could the Crisis in Turkey Impact US Policy in the Middle East? (January 2014)

Flight from an Afghan Seraglio (January 2014)

An American Feminist Fighting Sharia: an Interview with Dr. Phyllis Chesler (January 2014)

Appeasement in Geneva? (December 2013)

The Savior of Iraqi Jewish Heritage: an interview with Dr. Harold Rhode (December 2013)

Will There be a Peace Agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? (November 2013)

The Failed State of Palestine (November 2013)

Indomitable Defender of Israel: An Interview with Professor Michael Curtis (November 2013)

Willful Blindness to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Threat (October 2013)

American Foreign Policy Missteps in the Middle East (October 2013)

Al Shabaab is a Threat to the World at Large (October 2013)

9/11/13 – Are We Better Prepared and Safer than 12 Years Ago? (September 2013)

“Truth is on the March”: an Interview with Philippe Karsenty on the Al Dura Hoax Trials (September 2013)

Anti-Israelism is Anti-Semitism: an Interview with Manfred Gerstenfeld (September 2013)

Beware! Global Jew-Hatred Rising (September 2013)

Rebellion Against the Arab Spring Inflames the Middle East (August 2013)

Z STREET vs. The IRS (August 2013)

Dhimmitude Unveiled (August 2013)

The Al-Dura Blood Libel Affair: an interview with Nidra Poller (July 2013)

Shia versus Sunni Supremacism Roils Middle East (June 2013)

Refugee Jihad Terror in Boston (May 2013)

Why American Law for American Courts is Needed (April 2013)

March Madness in the Middle East (April 2013)

The American Alliance Fighting Foreign Laws Which Threaten Our Constitutional Freedoms: an interview with Christopher W. Holton (March 2013)

Israel on the Brink of Change: an Interview with Israeli Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger (February 2013)

The Dangers of Syria’s Bio-Warfare Complex Should Assad Fall: An Interview with Dr. Jill Bellamy van Aalst (January 2013)

The Middle East in Turmoil (with Mike Bates) (December 2012)

“The Freest Journalist in Canada”: An Interview with Ezra Levant (December 2012)

“Not the Time to Conquer Gaza”: Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defenses (December 2012)

No Blinders about Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood (November 2012)

The Tipping Point in North Africa and the Middle East (October 2012)

Is The War Against Islamic Terrorism Over?  Essays in Commemoration of 9/11 (September, 2012)

What Lies Behind Iran’s Nuclear Threat: An interview with Ex-CIA Agent Reza Kahlili (September 2012)

Israel in the Crosshairs (September 2012)

What Lies Behind the Anti-Israel Position of Some Mainline Churches in America Use It!” an Interview with Danish Cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard (October 2009)

Muslim Assault Against Apostates: The Rifqa Bary Case (Sept. 2009)

Jewish Democrats Split with Obama Over Israel: An Interview with Jim Lafferty of the TVC (Sept. 2009)

Greeley, Colorado Christian Zionist Group Protest Somali-Imposed Sharia in their Community (August 2009)

Chelm on the Charles River (August 2009)

An Interview with American Israeli Venture Capitalist Jonathan Medved (July-Aug. 2009)

Major New York Times Article on Homegrown Somali Terrorists: Will It Prod Congressional Action? (July 2009)

David Gaubatz, CAIR and the ISNA (July 2009)

Zakat and Terrorism (July 2009)

Foot Soldiers of Islam (June 2009)

The Auschwitz and Iran Bombing Controversies: Are There Parallels? (May 2009)

American versus Israeli Geo-Political Objectives in the Struggle for a Free Sudan (April 2009)

An Interview with a Local Hero: Rabbi Jon Hausman (March 2009)

The American Jewish Committee Missteps on Durban II (March 2009)

Claudia Rossett: The UN Is Absolutely Corrupt (Feb. 2009)

Does Israel Have the Resolve to Vanquish Hamas? (Jan. 2009)

Mumbai Jihad Madness (Dec. 2008)

Death Knell for the Detroit Dinosaurs (Nov. 2008)

A Debate Over “Obsession” (Nov. 2008)

An Interview With Israeli M.K. Dr. Arieh Eldad (Nov. 2008)

Is CAIR’s 2010 Strategy Plan a Fiasco?(Nov. 2008)

The Jabotinsky Legacy (Oct. 2008)

The AIG Rescue: Does It Portend Re-Regulation Of Financial Markets? (Sept. 2008)

9/11—Islamic Terror Hits America (Sept. 2008)

A Wide Ranging Interview with US Rep. Mark S. Kirk of Illinois (Sept. 2008)
Georgia: “Moscow Rules” and the West Wimps Out (Aug. 2008)

Behind the Veil at the Islamic Saudi Academy (Aug. 2008)

An Act To Protect First Responders Fighting Terrorism (July 2008)

The Islamic Saudi Academy: A ‘Hot Potato’ (July 2008)

Is Google An Enabler Of Terrorists? (June 2008)

The Oil Bubble (June 2008)

The Translator Scandal Ripens (May 2008)

Jamaat ul-Fuqra (April 2008)

Ever Again: Some Questions & Their Answers (March 2008)

Somalis, Shelbyville and Severe Culture Shock (Feb. 2008)

Why Is The UN Determining Who Becomes Humanitarian Refugees In The US? (Jan. 2008)

Syria’s Bio-Warfare Threat: an interview with Dr. Jill Dekker (Dec. 2007)

Fighting Internet Jihad: An Interview with Joseph Shahda (Nov. 2007)

President Bollinger and Columbia‘s Faculty Cabal (Oct. 2007)

“Man Plans, God Laughs” (Sept. 2007)

The Truth About Syria: The Islamo Mafia State Triumphant (Aug. 2007)

Bush and Islamofascists Detente in DC? (July 2007)

Muslim Extremism in America: A suggested agenda for Congressional Hearings (June 2007)


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