Letter to a Selfish Child

(March 2014)

Ayn Rand

What others you might ask?

kindness of strangers either.


Your obligation begins with respect. Give your parents credit for having enough experience to know what might be good for you. When you give a little you always get a better return. Respect for others begins with self-respect. You need to cultivate behavior worthy of regard.

Friedman. Acquire some knowledge and experience first, then you can dispense with humility. Understand the difference between smart and smartass too. As Mark Twain might say: “it’s like the difference between lightning and lightning bugs.”

Rudeness may be the norm when you hide behind a screen name. But when you are beak-to-beak in the real world, obnoxious is just another turd in the porridge.

self-interest. Your condition has nothing to do with liberty or personal freedom. Self-interest is one of those prudent mid-points, the fulcrum that balances selflessness and selfishness. Your behavior doesn’t come close to sensible compromise.

look and act like a budget version of Oscar Wilde.

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