Life Is a CAIR-baret, Old Chum: An Interview with Activist "Max Vonheune"

(April 2010)

release posted on its website noted:
Washington Times story that noted:
The press conference was temporarily disrupted by Max Vonheune, of Lansdowne, Pa., who asked Mr. Khawaja to sign his copy of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Mr. Vonheune was asked to leave the event.

to the CAIR event?

The request for a signature was actually something quite spontaneous. Originally, I brought the book in the event I would be able to pose for a picture with Khawaja or one of the other CAIR flaks. I would have tried discreetly to hold up the book just when the photo would be taken. Call it an Alinskyite moment of inspiration.

Gordon: What were the circumstances behind your being asked to leave the CAIR event?

I found this short episode relatively fascinating, because going solo to chase a man down the street certainly embodies something other the delicate modesty that we are ponderously instructed to appreciate among the hijab- or burqa-clad flowers of Islam. In any case, I still had my digital recorder on, and the following is the text of the exchange:
She departed right after that.

Gordon: What motivated you to become an activist?
Gordon: What in your background equipped you to confront CAIR?
Gordon: Do you believe you set an important example for others to follow?

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