No Blinders about Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood

(November 2012)

In December 2010, after spending two decades in Egypt as an academic and translator of the works of Egyptian Nobel Laureate, the late Naguib Mahfouz, ex-pat Detroit native, Raymond Stock was denied entry and deported by the Mubarak regime. He had apparently crossed the line when in 2009, he authored a Foreign Policy article, “Very, Very Lost in Translation,” about the anti-Semitic rants of former Mubarak cultural minister, Farouk Hosni, who was jockeying to be nominated as head of UNESCO. Stock wrote of Hosni:

(FPRI), The Gatestone Institute, PJ Media and Middle East Quarterly.

“The Donkey, the Camel and the Facebook Scam: How the Muslim Brotherhood Conquered Egypt and Conned the World,” July 2012:


But it was Roger Allen, the dean of Arabic literary studies in the English-speaking world, who really nurtured my career in this field–I have learned enormously from him. 
I have written more about this in a piece published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute in May 2011.

(He had been led to believe that the early, quite hysterical reports of a massacre of hundreds, even 1,500 or more, of Jenin's residents in that eleven-day battle were true. However, a U.N. investigation proved that the Israeli estimate of 52-to-54 Palestinians – mostly armed combatants – and 23 Israeli soldiers killed was correct.) Yet he never renounced the Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty, and still hoped for a two-state solution one day.,, and

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